List of United States Senators from Louisiana

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Louisiana was admitted as the 18th state to the United States of America on April 30, 1812. As of 2011, a total of 52 individuals have represented Louisiana in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Louisiana are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Louisiana.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Louisiana
Party Total
     Whig 3
     Republican 15
     Democratic 32
     Anti-Jacksonian 2
     Other 1
Total Senators 53
Class 2 Senators from Louisiana
Senator Years Served Party
Jean N. Destréhan 1812-1812 N/A
Thomas Posey 1812-1813 Republican
James Brown 1813-1817 Republican
William C. C. Claiborne 1817-1817 Republican
Henry Johnson 1818-1824 Republican
C. D. J. Dominique Bouligny 1824-1829 Republican
Edward Livingston 1829-1831 J
George A. Waggaman 1831-1835 AJ
Robert C. Nicholas 1836-1841 Democratic
Alexander Barrow 1841-1846 W
Pierre Soulé 1847-1847 Democratic
Solomon W. Downs 1847-1853 Democratic
Judah P. Benjamin 1853-1861 Democratic
John S. Harris 1868-1871 Republican
J. Rodman West 1871-1877 Republican
William P. Kellogg 1877-1883 Republican
Randall L. Gibson 1883-1892 Democratic
Donelson Caffery 1892-1901 Democratic
Murphy J. Foster 1901-1913 Democratic
Joseph E. Ransdell 1913-1931 Democratic
Huey P. Long 1932-1935 Democratic
Rose McConnell Long 1936-1937 Democratic
Allen J. Ellender 1937-1972 Democratic
Elaine S. Edwards 1972-1972 Democratic
J. Bennett Johnston, Jr. 1972-1997 Democratic
Mary Landrieu 1997-2015 Democratic
Bill Cassidy 2015-Present Republican
Class 3 Senators from Louisiana
Senator Years Served Party
Allan B. Magruder 1812-1813 Republican
Eligius Fromentin 1813-1819 Republican
James Brown 1819-1823 Republican
Josiah S. Johnston 1824-1833 Republican
Alexander Porter 1833-1837 AJ
Alexander Mouton 1837-1842 Democratic
Charles M. Conrad 1842-1843 W
Henry Johnson 1844-1849 W
Pierre Soulé 1849-1853 Democratic
John Slidell 1853-1861 Democratic
William P. Kellogg 1868-1872 Republican
James B. Eustis 1876-1879 Democratic
Benjamin F. Jonas 1879-1885 Democratic
James B. Eustis 1885-1891 Democratic
Edward D. White 1891-1894 Democratic
Newton C. Blanchard 1894-1897 Democratic
Samuel D. McEnery 1897-1910 Democratic
John R. Thornton 1910-1915 Democratic
Robert F. Broussard 1915-1918 Democratic
Walter Guion 1918-1918 Democratic
Edward J. Gay 1918-1921 Democratic
Edwin S. Broussard 1921-1933 Democratic
John H. Overton 1933-1948 Democratic
William C. Feazel 1948-1948 Democratic
Russell B. Long 1948-1987 Democratic
John B. Breaux 1987-2005 Democratic
David Vitter 2005-Present Republican

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