List of United States Senators from Maine

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Maine was admitted as the 23rd state to the United States of America on March 15, 1820. As of 2013, a total of 42 individuals have represented Maine in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Maine are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Maine.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Louisiana
Party Total
     Republican 24
     Democratic 11
     Jacksonian 3
     Whig 1
     Anti-Jacksonian 2
     Independent 1
Total Senators 42
Class 1 Senators from Maine
Senator Years Served Party
John Holmes 1820-1827 Republican
Albion K. Parris 1827-1828 J
John Holmes 1829-1833 ADAMS, AJ
Ether Shepley 1833-1836 J
Judah Dana 1836-1837 J
Reuel Williams 1837-1843 Democratic
John Fairfield 1843-1847 Democratic
Wyman B. S. Moor 1848-1848 Democratic
Hannibal Hamlin 1848-1857 Democratic
Amos Nourse 1857-1857 Republican
Hannibal Hamlin 1857-1861 Republican
Lot Myrick Morrill 1861-1869 Republican
Hannibal Hamlin 1869-1881 Republican
Eugene Hale 1881-1911 Republican
Charles F. Johnson 1911-1917 Democratic
Frederick Hale 1917-1941 Republican
R. Owen Brewster 1941-1952 Republican
Frederick G. Payne 1953-1959 Republican
Edmund S. Muskie 1959-1980 Democratic
George J. Mitchell 1980-1995 Democratic
Olympia J. Snowe 1995-2013 Republican
Angus King 2013-Present Independent
Class 2 Senators from Maine
Senator Years Served Party
John Chandler 1820-1829 Republican
Peleg Sprague 1829-1835 AJ
John Ruggles 1835-1841 Democratic
George Evans 1841-1847 W
James W. Bradbury 1847-1853 Democratic
William Pitt Fessenden 1854-1864 Republican
Nathan A. Farwell 1864-1865 Republican
William Pitt Fessenden 1865-1869 Republican
Lot Myrick Morrill 1869-1876 Republican
James G. Blaine 1876-1881 Republican
William P. Frye 1881-1911 Republican
Obadiah Gardner 1911-1913 Democratic
Edwin C. Burleigh 1913-1916 Republican
Bert M. Fernald 1916-1926 Republican
Arthur R. Gould 1926-1931 Republican
Wallace H. White, Jr. 1931-1949 Republican
Margaret Chase Smith 1949-1973 Republican
William D. Hathaway 1973-1979 Democratic
William S. Cohen 1979-1997 Republican
Susan Collins 1997-Present Republican

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