List of United States Senators from Massachusetts

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Massachusetts was admitted as the 6th state to the United States of America on February 6, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 57 individuals have represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts are:

In the November 6, 2012 election, Elizabeth Warren (D) defeated incumbent Scott Brown (R).

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Massachusetts
Party Total
     Pro-Administration 1
     Federalist 14
     Whig 9
     Republican 16
     Democratic 12
     Adams 2
     Anti-Jacksonian 1
     Other 2
Total Senators 57
Class 1 Senators from Massachusetts
Senator Years Served Party
Tristram Dalton 1789-1791 Pro-Administration
George Cabot 1791-1796 Federalist
Benjamin Goodhue 1796-1800 Federalist
Jonathan Mason 1800-1803 Federalist
John Quincy Adams 1803-1808 Federalist
James Lloyd 1808-1813 Federalist
Christopher Gore 1813-1816 Federalist
Eli P. Ashmun 1816-1818 Federalist
Prentiss Mellen 1818-1820 Federalist
Elijah H. Mills 1820-1827 Federalist,Adams-Clay Federalist, Adams
Daniel Webster 1827-1841 Adams,Anti-Jacksonian,Whig
Rufus Choate 1841-1845 Whig
Daniel Webster 1845-1850 Whig
Robert C. Winthrop 1850-1851 Whig
Robert Rantoul, Jr. 1851-1851 Democratic
Charles Sumner 1851-1874 Republican
William B. Washburn 1874-1875 Republican
Henry L. Dawes 1875-1893 Republican
Henry Cabot Lodge 1893-1924 Republican
William M. Butler 1924-1926 Republican
David I. Walsh 1926-1947 Democratic
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. 1947-1953 Republican
John F. Kennedy 1953-1960 Democratic
Benjamin A. Smith II 1960-1962 Democratic
Edward M. Kennedy 1962-2009 Democratic
Paul G. Kirk, Jr. 2009-2010 Democratic
Scott Brown 2010-2013 Republican
Elizabeth Warren 2013-Present Democratic
Class 2 Senators from Massachusetts
Senator Years Served Party
Caleb Strong 1789-1796 Pro-administration,Federalist
Theodore Sedgwick 1796-1799 Federalist
Samuel Dexter 1799-1800 Federalist
Dwight Foster 1800-1803 Federalist
Timothy Pickering 1803-1811 Federalist
Joseph B. Varnum 1811-1817
Harrison Gray Otis 1817-1822 Federalist
James Lloyd 1822-1826 Federalist,Adams-Clay Federalist,Adams
Nathaniel Silsbee 1826-1835 Adams,Anti-Jacksonian
John Davis 1835-1841 Anti-Jacksonian,Whig
Isaac C. Bates 1841-1845 Whig
John Davis 1845-1853 Whig
Edward Everett 1853-1854 Whig
Julius Rockwell 1854-1855 Whig
Henry Wilson 1855-1873 Republican
George S. Boutwell 1873-1877 Republican
George F. Hoar 1877-1904 Republican
Winthrop Murray Crane 1904-1913 Republican
John W. Weeks 1913-1919 Republican
David I. Walsh 1919-1925 Democratic
Frederick H. Gillett 1925-1931
Marcus A. Coolidge 1931-1937 Democratic
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. 1937-1944 Republican
Sinclair Weeks 1944-1944 Republican
Leverett Saltonstall 1945-1967 Republican
Edward W. Brooke III 1967-1979 Republican
Paul E. Tsongas 1979-1985 Democratic
John F. Kerry 1985-2013 Democratic
Mo Cowan 2013-Present Democratic

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