List of United States Senators from Michigan

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Michigan was admitted as the 26th state to the United States of America on January 26, 1837. As of 2013, a total of 40 individuals have represented Michigan in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Michigan are:

Historical senators

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Michigan
Party Total
     Republican 23
     Democratic 16
     Whig 2
Total Senators 41
Class 1 Senators from Michigan
Senator Years Served Party
Lucius Lyon 1837-1839 Democratic
Augustus S. Porter 1840-1845 W
Lewis Cass 1845-1848 Democratic
Thomas Fitzgerald 1848-1849 Democratic
Lewis Cass 1849-1857 Democratic
Zachariah Chandler 1857-1875 Republican
Isaac P. Christiancy 1875-1879 Republican
Zachariah Chandler 1879-1879 Republican
Henry P. Baldwin 1879-1881 Republican
Omar D. Conger 1881-1887 Republican
Francis B. Stockbridge 1887-1894 Republican
John Patton, Jr. 1894-1895 Republican
Julius C. Burrows 1895-1911 Republican
Charles E. Townsend 1911-1923 Republican
Woodbridge N. Ferris 1923-1928 Democratic
Arthur H. Vandenberg 1928-1951 Republican
A. E. Blair Moody 1951-1952 Democratic
Charles E. Potter 1952-1959 Republican
Philip A. Hart 1959-1976 Democratic
Donald W. Riegle, Jr. 1976-1995 Democratic
Spencer Abraham 1995-2001 Republican
Deborah A. Stabenow 2001-Present Democratic
Class 2 Senators from Michigan
Senator Years Served Party
John Norvell 1837-1841 Democratic
William Woodbridge 1841-1847 W
Alpheus Felch 1847-1853 Democratic
Charles E. Stuart 1853-1859 Democratic
Kinsley S. Bingham 1859-1861 Republican
Jacob M. Howard 1862-1871 Republican
Thomas W. Ferry 1871-1883 Republican
Thomas W. Palmer 1883-1889 Republican
James McMillan 1889-1902 Republican
Russell A. Alger 1902-1907 Republican
William Alden Smith 1907-1919 Republican
Truman H. Newberry 1919-1922 Republican
James Couzens 1922-1936 Republican
Prentiss M. Brown 1936-1943 Democratic
Homer S. Ferguson 1943-1955 Republican
Patrick V. McNamara 1955-1966 Democratic
Robert P. Griffin 1966-1979 Republican
Carl Levin 1979-2015 Democratic
Gary Peters 2015-Present Democratic

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