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List of United States Senators from Minnesota

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Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state to the United States of America on May 11, 1858. As of 2013, a total of 43 individuals have represented Minnesota in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Minnesota are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

Historical Representation to the US Senate by Party from Minnesota
Party Total
     Republican 26
     Democratic 13
     Farmer-Labor 2
     Independent 1
Total Senators 42
Class 1 Senators from Minnesota
Senator Years Served Party
Henry M. Rice 1858-1863 Democratic
Alexander Ramsey 1863-1875 Republican
Samuel J. R. McMillan 1875-1887 Republican
Cushman K. Davis 1887-1900 Republican
Charles A. Towne 1900-1901 Democratic
Moses E. Clapp 1901-1917 Republican
Frank B. Kellogg 1917-1923 Republican
Henrik Shipstead 1923-1947 Republican
Edward J. Thye 1947-1959 Republican
Eugene J. McCarthy 1959-1971 Democratic
Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. 1971-1978 Democratic
Muriel B. Humphrey 1978-1978 Democratic
David F. Durenberger 1978-1995 Republican
Rod Grams 1995-2001 Republican
Mark Dayton 2001-2007 Democratic
Amy Klobuchar 2007-Present Democratic
Class 2 Senators from Minnesota
Senator Years Served Party
James Shields 1858-1859 Democratic
Morton S. Wilkinson 1859-1865 Republican
Daniel S. Norton 1865-1870 Republican
William Windom 1870-1871 Republican
Ozora P. Stearns 1871-1871 Republican
William Windom 1871-1881 Republican
A. J. Edgerton 1881-1881 Republican
William Windom 1881-1883 Republican
Dwight M. Sabin 1883-1889 Republican
William D. Washburn 1889-1895 Republican
Knute Nelson 1895-1923 Republican
Magnus Johnson 1923-1925 FL
Thomas D. Schall 1925-1935 Republican
Elmer A. Benson 1935-1936 FL
Guy V. Howard 1936-1937 Republican
Ernest Lundeen 1937-1940 FL
Joseph H. Ball 1940-1942 Republican
Arthur E. Nelson 1942-1943 Republican
Joseph H. Ball 1943-1949 Republican
Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. 1949-1964 Democratic
Walter F. Mondale 1964-1976 Democratic
Wendell R. Anderson 1976-1978 Democratic
Rudolph E. 1978-1991 Republican
Paul D. Wellstone 1991-2002 Democratic
Dean Barkley 2002-2003 I
Norm Coleman 2003-2009 Republican
Al Franken 2009-Present Democratic

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