List of United States Senators from Mississippi

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Mississippi was admitted as the 20th state to the United States of America on December 10, 1817. As of 2013, a total of 50 individuals have represented Mississippi in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Mississippi are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Mississippi.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Mississippi
Party Total
     Republican 11
     Democratic 30
     Jacksonian 5
     Anti-Jacksonian 1
     Whig 3
Total Senators 50
Class 1 Senators from Mississippi
Senator Years Served Party
Walter Leake 1817-1820 Republican
David Holmes 1820-1825 Republican
Powhatan Ellis 1825-1826 J
Thomas B. Reed 1826-1827 J
Powhatan Ellis 1827-1832 J
John Black 1832-1838 J,AJ,W
James F. Trotter 1838-1838 Democratic
Thomas Hickman Williams 1838-1839 Democratic
John Henderson 1839-1845 W
Jesse Speight 1845-1847 Democratic
Jefferson Davis 1847-1851 Democratic
John J. McRae 1851-1852 Democratic
Stephen Adams 1852-1857 Democratic
Jefferson Davis 1857-1861 Democratic
Adelbert Ames 1870-1874 Republican
Henry R. Pease 1874-1875 Republican
Blanche K. Bruce 1875-1881 Republican
James Z. George 1881-1897 Democratic
Hernando D. Money 1897-1911 Democratic
John Sharp Williams 1911-1923 Democratic
Hubert D. Stephens 1923-1935 Democratic
Theodore G. Bilbo 1935-1947 Democratic
John C. Stennis 1947-1989 Democratic
Trent Lott 1989-2007 Republican
Roger F. Wicker 2007-Present Republican
Class 2 Senators from Mississippi
Senator Years Served Party
Thomas Hill Williams 1817-1829 Republican
Thomas B. Reed 1829-1829 J
Robert H. Adams 1830-1830 J
George Poindexter 1830-1835 J,AJ
Robert J. Walker 1835-1845 Democratic
Joseph W. Chalmers 1845-1847 Democratic
Henry Stuart Foote 1847-1852 Democratic
Walker Brooke 1852-1853 W
Albert G. Brown 1854-1861 Democratic
Hiram R. Revels 1870-1871 Republican
James L. Alcorn 1871-1877 Republican
Lucius Q.C. Lamar 1877-1885 Democratic
Edward C. Walthall 1885-1894 Democratic
Anselm J. McLaurin 1894-1895 Democratic
Edward C. Walthall 1895-1898 Democratic
William V. Sullivan 1898-1901 Democratic
Anselm J. McLaurin 1901-1909 Democratic
James Gordon 1909-1910 Democratic
Le Roy Percy 1910-1913 Democratic
James K. Vardaman 1913-1919 Democratic
Byron "Pat" Harrison 1919-1941 Democratic
James O. Eastland 1941-1941 Democratic
Wall Doxey 1941-1943 Democratic
James O. Eastland 1943-1978 Democratic
Thad Cochran 1978-Present Republican

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