List of United States Senators from New Hampshire

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New Hampshire was admitted as the 9th state to the United States of America on June 21, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 63 individuals have represented New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from New Hampshire
Party Total
     Democratic 13
     Republican 31
     Anti-Administration 1
     Federalist 7
     Democratic-Republican 6
     Liberty 1
     Free Soil 1
     Jacksonian 3
Total Senators 63
Class 2 Senators from New Hampshire
Senator Years Served Party
Paine Wingate 1789-1793 Anti-Administration
Samuel Livermore 1793-1801 Pro-Administration, Federalist
Simeon Olcott 1801-1805 Federalist
Nicholas Gilman 1805-1814 Democratic-Republican
Thomas W. Thompson 1814-1817 Federalist
David L. Morril 1817-1823 Democratic-Republican
Samuel Bell 1823-1835 Republican
Henry Hubbard 1835-1841 Democratic
Levi Woodbury 1841-1845 Democratic
Benning W. Jenness 1845-1846 Democratic
Joseph Cilley 1846-1847 Liberty
John P. Hale 1847-1853 Free Soil
Charles G. Atherton 1853-1853 Democratic
Jared W. Williams 1853-1854 Democratic
John P. Hale 1855-1865 Republican
Aaron H. Cragin 1865-1877 Republican
Edward H. Rollins 1877-1883 Republican
Austin F. Pike 1883-1886 Republican
Person C. Cheney 1886-1887 Republican
William E. Chandler 1887-1889 Republican
Gilman Marston 1889-1889 Republican
William E. Chandler 1889-1901 Republican
Henry E. Burnham 1901-1913 Republican
Henry F. Hollis 1913-1919 Democratic
Henry W. Keyes 1919-1937 Republican
H. Styles Bridges 1937-1961 Republican
Maurice J. Murphy, Jr. 1961-1962 Republican
Thomas J. McIntyre 1962-1979 Democratic
Gordon J. Humphrey 1979-1990 Republican
Robert C. Smith 1990-2003 Republican
John Sununu 2003-2009 Republican
Jeanne Shaheen 2009-Present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from New Hampshire
Senator Years Served Party
John Langdon 1789-1801 Pro-Administration, Anti-Administration, Democratic-Republican
James Sheafe 1801-1802 Federalist
William Plumer 1802-1807 Federalist
Nahum Parker 1807-1810 Democratic-Republican
Charles Cutts 1810-1813 Federalist
Jeremiah Mason 1813-1817 Federalist
Clement Storer 1817-1819 Democratic-Republican
John F. Parrott 1819-1825 Democratic-Republican
Levi Woodbury 1825-1831 Jacksonian
Isaac Hill 1831-1836 Jacskonian
John Page 1836-1837 Jacksonian
Franklin Pierce 1837-1842 Democratic
Leonard Wilcox 1842-1843 Democratic
Charles G. Atherton 1843-1849 Democratic
Moses Norris, Jr. 1849-1855 Democratic
John S. Wells 1855-1855 Democratic
James Bell 1855-1857 Republican
Daniel Clark 1857-1866 Republican
George G. Fogg 1866-1867 Republican
James W. Patterson 1867-1873 Republican
Bainbridge Wadleigh 1873-1879 Republican
Charles H. Bell 1879-1879 Republican
Henry W. Blair 1879-1891 Republican
Jacob H. Gallinger 1891-1918 Republican
Irving W. Drew 1918-1918 Republican
George H. Moses 1918-1933 Republican
Fred H. Brown 1933-1939 Democratic
Charles W. Tobey 1939-1953 Republican
Robert W. Upton 1953-1954 Republican
Norris H. Cotton 1954-1974 Republican
Louis C. Wyman 1974-1975 Republican
Norris H. Cotton 1975-1975 Republican
John A. Durkin 1975-1980 Democratic
Warren B. Rudman 1980-1993 Republican
Judd A. Gregg 1993-2011 Republican
Kelly Ayotte 2011-Present Republican

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