List of United States Senators from Ohio

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Ohio was admitted as the 17th state to the United States of America on March 1, 1803. As of 2013, a total of 57 individuals have represented Ohio in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Ohio are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Ohio.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Ohio
Party Total
     Democratic 20
     Republican 32
     Whig 2
     Adams 1
     Anti-Jacksonian 1
     Free Soil 1
Total Senators 57
Class 1 Senators from Ohio
Senators Years Served Party
John Smith 1803-1808 Republican
Return J. Meigs, Jr. 1808-1810 Republican
Thomas Worthington 1810-1814 Republican
Joseph Kerr 1814-1815 Republican
Benjamin Ruggles 1815-1833 Republican
Thomas Morris 1833-1839 Democratic
Benjamin Tappan 1839-1845 Democratic
Thomas Corwin 1845-1850 Whig
Thomas Ewing 1850-1851 Whig
Benjamin F. Wade 1851-1869 Republican
Allen G. Thurman 1869-1881 Democratic
John Sherman 1881-1897 Republican
Marcus A. Hanna 1897-1904 Republican
Charles W. F. Dick 1904-1911 Republican
Atlee Pomerene 1911-1923 Democratic
Simeon D. Fess 1923-1935 Republican
A. Victor Donahey 1935-1941 Democratic
Harold H. Burton 1941-1945 Republican
James W. Huffman 1945-1946 Democratic
Kingsley A. Taft 1946-1947 Republican
John W. Bricker 1947-1959 Republican
Stephen M. Young 1959-1971 Democratic
Robert Taft, Jr. 1971-1976 Republican
Howard M. Metzenbaum 1976-1995 Democratic
Mike DeWine 1995-2007 Republican
Sherrod Brown 2007-Present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from Ohio
Senators Years Served Party
Thomas Worthington 1803-1807 Republican
Edward Tiffin 1807-1809 Republican
Stanley Griswold 1809-1809 Republican
Alexander Campbell 1809-1813 Republican
Jeremiah Morrow 1813-1819 Republican
William A. Trimble 1819-1821 Republican
Ethan Allen Brown 1822-1825 Republican
William H. Harrison 1825-1828 Adams
Jacob Burnet 1828-1831 Anti-Jacksonian
Thomas Ewing 1831-1837 Anti-Jacksonian
William Allen 1837-1849 Democratic
Salmon P. Chase 1849-1855 Free Soil
George E. Pugh 1855-1861 Democratic
Salmon P. Chase 1861-1861 Republican
John Sherman 1861-1877 Republican
Stanley Matthews 1877-1879 Republican
George H. Pendleton 1879-1885 Democratic
Henry B. Payne 1885-1891 Democratic
Calvin S. Brice 1891-1897 Democratic
Joseph B. Foraker 1897-1909 Republican
Theodore E. Burton 1909-1915 Republican
Warren G. Harding 1915-1921 Republican
Frank B. Willis 1921-1928 Republican
Cyrus Locher 1928-1928 Democratic
Theodore E. Burton 1928-1929 Republican
Roscoe C. McCulloch 1929-1930 Republican
Robert J. Bulkley 1930-1939 Democratic
Robert A. Taft 1939-1953 Republican
Thomas A. Burke 1953-1954 Democratic
George H. Bender 1954-1957 Republican
Frank J. Lausche 1957-1969 Democratic
William B. Saxbe 1969-1974 Republican
Howard M. Metzenbaum 1974-1974 Democratic
John H. Glenn, Jr. 1974-1999 Democratic
George Voinovich 1999-2011 Republican
Rob Portman 2011-Present Republican

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