List of United States Senators from Oklahoma

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Oklahoma was admitted as the 46th state to the United States of America on November 16, 1907. As of 2011, a total of 18 individuals have represented Oklahoma in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Oklahoma are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Oklahoma.

Class 2

  • Democratic Party Robert L. Owen, serving from 1907-1925
  • Republican Party William B. Pine, serving from 1925-1931
  • Democratic Party Thomas P. Gore, serving from 1931-1937
  • Democratic Party Joshua B. Lee, serving from 1937-1943
  • Republican Party Edward H. Moore, serving from 1943-1949
  • Democratic Party Robert S. Kerr, serving from 1949-1963
  • Democratic Party J. Howard Edmondson, serving from 1963-1964
  • Democratic Party Fred R. Harris, serving from 1964-1973
  • Republican Party Dewey F. Bartlett, serving from 1973-1979
  • Democratic Party David L. Boren, serving from 1979-1994
  • Republican Party James M. Inhofe, serving from 1994-Present

Class 3

  • Democratic Party Thomas P. Gore, serving from 1907-1921
  • Republican Party John W. Harreld, serving from 1921-1927
  • Democratic Party J. W. Elmer Thomas, serving from 1927-1951
  • Democratic Party A. S. Mike Monroney, serving from 1951-1969
  • Republican Party Henry L. Bellmon, serving from 1969-1981
  • Republican Party Donald L. (Don) Nickles, serving from 1981-2005
  • Republican Party Tom Coburn, serving from 2005-Present

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