List of United States Senators from Oregon

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Oregon was admitted as the 33rd state to the United States of America on February 14, 1859. As of 2011, a total of 41 individuals have represented Oregon in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Oregon are:

Historical senators

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Oregon
Party Total
     Democratic 17
     Republican 24
Total Senators 41

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Oregon.

Class 2 Senators from Oregon
Senator Years Served Party
Delazon Smith 1859-1859 Democratic
Edward D. Baker 1860-1861 Republican
Benjamin Stark 1861-1862 Democratic
Benjamin F. Harding 1862-1865 Democratic
George Henry Williams 1865-1871 Republican
James K. Kelly 1871-1877 Democratic
La Fayette Grover 1877-1883 Democratic
Joseph N. Dolph 1883-1895 Republican
George W. McBride 1895-1901 Republican
John H. Mitchell 1901-1905 Republican
John M. Gearin 1905-1907 Democratic
Frederick W. Mulkey 1907-1907 Republican
Jonathan Bourne, Jr. 1907-1913 Republican
Harry Lane 1913-1917 Democratic
Charles L. McNary 1917-1918 Republican
Frederick W. Mulkey 1918-1918 Republican
Charles L. McNary 1918-1944 Republican
Guy Cordon 1944-1955 Republican
Richard L. Neuberger 1955-1960 Democratic
Hall S. Lusk 1960-1960 Democratic
Maurine B. Neuberger 1960-1967 Democratic
Mark O. Hatfield 1967-1997 Republican
Gordon Smith 1997-2009 Republican
Jeff Merkley 2009-Present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from Oregon
Senator Years Served Party
Joseph Lane 1859-1861 Democratic
James W. Nesmith 1861-1867 Democratic
Henry W. Corbett 1867-1873 Republican
John H. Mitchell 1873-1879 Republican
James H. Slater 1879-1885 Democratic
John H. Mitchell 1885-1897 Republican
Joseph Simon 1898-1903 Republican
Charles W. Fulton 1903-1909 Republican
George E. Chamberlain 1909-1921 Democratic
Robert N. Stanfield 1921-1927 Republican
Frederick Steiwer 1927-1938 Republican
Alfred Evan Reames 1938-1938 Democratic
Alexander G. Barry 1938-1939 Republican
Rufus C. Holman 1939-1945 Republican
Wayne L. Morse 1945-1969 Republican
Robert W. Packwood 1969-1995 Republican
Ron Wyden 1996-Present Democratic

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