List of United States Senators from South Carolina

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South Carolina was admitted as the 8th state to the United States of America on May 23, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 60 individuals have represented South Carolina in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from South Carolina are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from South Carolina.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from South Carolina
Party Total
     Democratic 37
     Republican 16
     Pro-Admin 2
     Anti-Admin 1
     Nullifier 2
     Jacksonian 2
     Federalist 1
     Whig 1
Total Senators 62
Class 2 Senators from South Carolina
Senator Years Served Party
Pierce Butler 1789-1796 PRO-ADMIN,ANTI-ADMIN
John Hunter 1796-1798 Republican
Charles Pinckney 1798-1801 Republican
Thomas Sumter 1801-1810 Republican
John Taylor 1810-1816 Republican
William Smith 1816-1823 Republican
Robert Young Hayne 1823-1832 Jacksonian
John C. Calhoun 1832-1843 Democratic
Daniel Elliott Huger 1843-1845 Democratic
John C. Calhoun 1845-1850 Democratic
Franklin H. Elmore 1850-1850 Democratic
Robert W. Barnwell 1850-1850 Democratic
R. Barnwell Rhett 1850-1852 Democratic
William F. De Saussure 1852-1853 Democratic
Josiah J. Evans 1853-1858 Democratic
Arthur P. Hayne 1858-1858 Democratic
James Chesnut, Jr. 1858-1860 Democratic
Thomas J. Robertson 1868-1877 Republican
Matthew C. Butler 1877-1895 Democratic
Benjamin R. Tillman 1895-1918 Democratic
Christie Benet 1918-1918 Democratic
William P. Pollock 1918-1919 Democratic
Nathaniel B. Dial 1919-1925 Democratic
Coleman L. Blease 1925-1931 Democratic
James F. Byrnes 1931-1941 Democratic
Alva M. Lumpkin 1941-1941 Democratic
Roger C. Peace 1941-1941 Democratic
Burnet R. Maybank 1941-1954 Democratic
Charles E. Daniel 1954-1954 Democratic
J.Strom Thurmond 1954-1956 Democratic
Thomas A. Wofford 1956-1956 Democratic
J. Strom Thurmond 1956-2003 Republican
Lindsey Graham 2003-Present Republican
Class 3 Senators from South Carolina
Senator Years Served Party
Ralph Izard 1789-1795 PRO-ADMIN
Jacob Read 1795-1801 Federalist
John Ewing Colhoun 1801-1802 Republican
Pierce Butler 1802-1804 Republican
John Gaillard 1804-1826 Republican
William Harper 1826-1826 Jacksonian
William Smith 1826-1831 Republican
Stephen D. Miller 1831-1833 Nullifier
William C. Preston 1833-1842 Nullifier, Whig
George McDuffie 1842-1846 Democratic
Andrew P. Butler 1846-1857 Democratic
James H. Hammond 1857-1860 Democratic
Frederick A. Sawyer 1868-1873 Republican
John J. Patterson 1873-1879 Republican
Wade Hampton 1879-1891 Democratic
John L. M. Irby 1891-1897 Democratic
Joseph H. Earle 1897-1897 Democratic
John L. McLaurin 1897-1903 Democratic
Asbury C. Latimer 1903-1908 Democratic
Frank B. Gary 1908-1909 Democratic
Ellison D. Smith 1909-1944 Democratic
Wilton E. Hall 1944-1945 Democratic
Olin D. T. Johnston 1945-1965 Democratic
Donald S. Russell 1965-1966 Democratic
Ernest F. Hollings 1966-2005 Democratic
James DeMint 2005-2013 Republican
Tim Scott 2005-2013 Republican

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