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List of United States Senators from South Dakota

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South Dakota was admitted as the 40th state to the United States of America on November 2, 1889. As of 2011, a total of 26 individuals have represented South Dakota in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from South Dakota are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from South Dakota.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from South Dakota
Party Total
     Democratic 7
     Republican 19
Total Senators 26
Class 2 Senators from South Dakota
Senator Years Served Party
Richard F. Pettigrew 1889-1901 Republican
Robert J. Gamble 1901-1913 Republican
Thomas Sterling 1913-1925 Republican
William H. McMaster 1925-1931 Republican
William J. Bulow 1931-1943 Democratic
Harlan J. Bushfield 1943-1948 Republican
Vera C. Bushfield 1948-1948 Republican
Karl E. Mundt 1948-1973 Republican
James G. Abourezk 1973-1979 Democratic
Larry L. Pressler 1979-1997 Republican
Tim Johnson 1997-Present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from South Dakota
Senator Years Served Party
Gideon C. Moody 1889-1891 Republican
James H. Kyle 1891-1901 Republican
Alfred B. Kittredge 1901-1909 Republican
Coe I. Crawford 1909-1915 Republican
Edwin S. Johnson 1915-1921 Democratic
Peter Norbeck 1921-1936 Republican
Herbert E. Hitchcock 1936-1938 Democratic
Gladys Pyle 1938-1939 Republican
J. Chandler Chan Gurney 1939-1951 Republican
Francis H. Case 1951-1962 Republican
Joseph H. Bottum 1962-1963 Republican
George S. McGovern 1963-1981 Democratic
James Abdnor 1981-1987 Republican
Thomas A. Daschle 1987-2005 Democratic
John Thune 2005-Present Republican

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