List of United States Senators from Vermont

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Vermont was admitted as the 14th state to the United States of America on March 4, 1791. As of 2011, a total of 44 individuals have represented Vermont in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Vermont are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Vermont.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Vermont
Party Total
     Democratic 1
     Republican 29
     Whig 6
     Independent 1
     Federalist 4
     Anti-Admin 1
     Anti-Jacksonian 1
     Free Soil 1
Total Senators 44
Class 1 Senators from Vermont
Senator Years Served Party
Moses Robinson 1791-1796 Republican
Isaac Tichenor 1796-1797 Federalist
Nathaniel Chipman 1797-1803 Federalist
Israel Smith 1803-1807 Republican
Jonathan Robinson 1807-1815 Republican
Isaac Tichenor 1815-1821 Federalist
Horatio Seymour 1821-1833 Republican
Benjamin Swift 1833-1839 Whig
Samuel S. Phelps 1839-1851 Whig
Solomon Foot 1851-1866 Republican
George F. Edmunds 1866-1891 Republican
Redfield Proctor 1891-1908 Republican
John W. Stewart 1908-1908 Republican
Carroll S. Page 1908-1923 Republican
Frank L. Greene 1923-1930 Republican
Frank C. Partridge 1930-1931 Republican
Warren R. Austin 1931-1946 Republican
Ralph E. Flanders 1946-1959 Republican
Winston L. Prouty 1959-1971 Republican
Robert T. Stafford 1971-1989 Republican
James M. Jeffords 1989-2007 Republican
Bernard Sanders 2007-Present Independent
Class 3 Senators from Vermont
Senator Years Served Party
Stephen R. Bradley 1791-1795 ANTI-ADMIN
Elijah Paine 1795-1801 Federalist
Stephen R. Bradley 1801-1813 Republican
Dudley Chase 1813-1817 Anti-Jacksonian
James Fisk 1817-1818 Republican
William A. Palmer 1818-1825 Republican
Dudley Chase 1825-1831 Republican
Samuel Prentiss 1831-1842 Whig
Samuel C. Crafts 1842-1843 Whig
William Upham 1843-1853 Whig
Samuel S. Phelps 1853-1854 Whig
Lawrence Brainerd 1854-1855 Free Soil
Jacob Collamer 1855-1865 Republican
Luke P. Poland 1865-1867 Republican
Justin S. Morrill 1867-1898 Republican
Jonathan Ross 1899-1900 Republican
William P. Dillingham 1900-1923 Republican
Porter H. Dale 1923-1933 Republican
Ernest W. Gibson 1933-1940 Republican
Ernest W. Gibson, Jr. 1940-1941 Republican
George D. Aiken 1941-1975 Republican
Patrick Leahy 1975-Present Democratic

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