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List of United States Senators from Wisconsin

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Wisconsin was admitted as the 30th state to the United States of America on May 29, 1848. As of 2011, a total of 30 individuals have represented Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin.

Class 1

  • Democratic Party Henry Dodge, serving from 1848-1857
  • Republican PartyJames R. Doolittle, serving from 1857-1869
  • Republican PartyMatthew H. Carpenter, serving from 1869-1875
  • Republican PartyAngus Cameron, serving from 1875-1881
  • Republican PartyPhiletus Sawyer, serving from 1881-1893
  • Democratic PartyJohn L. Mitchell, serving from 1893-1899
  • Republican PartyJoseph V. Quarles, serving from 1899-1905
  • Republican PartyRobert M. La Follette, serving from 1906-1925
  • Republican PartyRobert M. La Follette, Jr., serving from 1925-1947
  • Republican PartyJoseph R. McCarthy, serving from 1947-1957
  • Democratic PartyWilliam Proxmire, serving from 1957-1989
  • Democratic Party Herb Kohl, serving from 1989-Present

Class 3

  • Democratic PartyIsaac P. Walker, serving from 1848-1855
  • Republican Party Charles Durkee, serving from 1855-1861
  • Republican Party Timothy O. Howe, serving from 1861-1879
  • Republican Party Matthew H. Carpenter, serving from 1879-1881
  • Republican Party Angus Cameron, serving from 1881-1885
  • Republican Party John Coit Spooner, serving from 1885-1891
  • Democratic PartyWilliam F. Vilas, serving from 1891-1897
  • Republican Party John Coit Spooner, serving from 1897-1907
  • Republican Party Isaac Stephenson, serving from 1907-1915
  • Democratic PartyPaul O. Husting, serving from 1915-1917
  • Republican Party Irvine L. Lenroot, serving from 1918-1927
  • Republican Party John J. Blaine, serving from 1927-1933
  • Democratic PartyF. Ryan Duffy, serving from 1933-1939
  • Republican Party Alexander Wiley, serving from 1939-1963
  • Democratic PartyGaylord A. Nelson, serving from 1963-1981
  • Republican Party Robert W. Kasten, Jr., serving from 1981-1993
  • Democratic PartyRuss Feingold, serving from 1993-2011
  • Republican Party Ron Johnson, serving from 2011-Present

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