List of United States state legislatures

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State executive officials
State legislatures
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State legislatures

Alabama (H, S· Alaska (H, S· Arizona (H, S· Arkansas (H, S· California (A, S· Colorado (H, S· Connecticut (H, S· Delaware (H, S· Florida (H, S· Georgia (H, S· Hawaii (H, S· Idaho (H, S· Illinois (H, S· Indiana (H, S· Iowa (H, S· Kansas (H, S· Kentucky (H, S· Louisiana (H, S· Maine (H, S· Maryland (H, S· Massachusetts (H, S· Michigan (H, S· Minnesota (H, S· Mississippi (H, S· Missouri (H, S· Montana (H, S· Nebraska · Nevada (A, S· New Hampshire (H, S· New Jersey (GA, S· New Mexico (H, S· New York (A, S· North Carolina (H, S· North Dakota (H, S· Ohio (H, S· Oklahoma (H, S· Oregon (H, S· Pennsylvania (H, S· Rhode Island (H, S· South Carolina (H, S· South Dakota (H, S· Tennessee (H, S· Texas (H, S· Utah (H, S· Vermont (H, S· Virginia (H, S· Washington (H, S· West Virginia (H, S· Wisconsin (A, S· Wyoming (H, S)