List of Washington State Initiatives to the Legislature

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408 Initiatives to the Legislature have been filed in the State of Washington. The first Initiative to the Legislature was filed on December 14, 1914.


Defeatedd Negligent Health Care Act, Initiative 330
Defeatedd Medical Malpractice Act, Initiative 336


Between 1998, when I-200 was on the ballot as an Initiative to the Legislature and 2004, about 130 different Initiatives to the Legislature were filed, numbering I-201 through I-336. With the exception of I-297, I-330 and I-336, all of those approximately 130 initiatives were withdrawn or abandoned. I-330 and I-336 went on the 2005 ballot.

Approveda Radioactive Waste, I-297


Approveda Washington Initiative 200 (1998)


Defeatedd Washington Charter Schools, Initiative 177 (1996)
Defeatedd Washington Scholarship Vouchers, Initiative 173 (1996)


Approveda Washington Limit on Campaign Contributions, Initiative 134 (1992)


Defeatedd Washington Aid-in-Dying, Initiative 119 (1991)
Approveda Washington Abortion Rights, Initiative 120 (1991)

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