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| {{witp}} || [[Washington Initiative 671 (1996)|I-671]] || [[Gaming_ballot_measures|Gaming]] || Amends tribal/state agreements to permit limited electronic gaming on Indian lands || {{d}}
| {{witp}} || [[Washington Gaming on Indian Lands, Initiative 671 (1996)|I-671]] || [[Gaming_ballot_measures|Gaming]] || Amends tribal/state agreements to permit limited electronic gaming on Indian lands || {{d}}

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Ballot measures
in Washington State
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Constitutional amendments
Initiatives to the People
Initiatives to the Legislature
Statutes referred by Legislature
Veto referenda
The first Initiative to the People in the State of Washington was filed on January 2, 1914. It advocated the prohibition of alcohol. The measure was re-filed six days later as the Washington Statewide Prohibition Act, Initiative 3. It was on the November 3, 1914 ballot, where it was approved. Although six other Initiatives to the People were on that same November 3, 1914 ballot, Initiative 3 was filed first so it has pride of place as the first such initiative the Washington electorate voted on.

Since that auspicious beginning, through December 2009, Washington initiative entrepreneurs have filed 1,063 Initiatives to the People.[1] Most of those went nowhere because their sponsors abandoned them, couldn't collect enough signatures or, as was the case with Initiatives 1 and 3, filed more than one version of the same idea, and pursued only one of the versions.

However, 133 were certified for the ballot and, counting the most recent election on ballot measures from November 2009, 67 of these initiatives were approved, while 66 were defeated.[1]


See also: Washington 2009 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Initiative 1033 (2009)


See also: Washington 2008 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Initiative 1000 (2008)
Approveda Washington Initiative 1029 (2008)
Defeatedd Washington Traffic Congestion Proposal, Initiative 985 (2008)


See also: Washington 2007 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Legislative Supermajority or Voter Approval Required for Tax Increase, Initiative 960 (2007)


See also: Washington 2006 ballot measures

Clipboard128.png Washington Initiative 917 (2006) (Filed signatures but did not make ballot)
Defeatedd Washington Estate Tax Repeal, Initiative 920 (2006)
Defeatedd Washington "Government Takings", Initiative 933 (2006)
Approveda Washington Energy Conservation, Initiative 937 (2006)


See also: Washington 2005 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Mandatory Performance Audits, Initiative 900 (2005)
Approveda Washington Smoking Ban, Initiative 901 (2005)
Defeatedd Washington Repeal of the Motor Vehicle Tax, Initiative 912 (2005)


See also: Washington 2004 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Top Two Primaries, Initiative 872 (2004)
Defeatedd Washington Education Trust Fund Sales Tax Increase, Initiative 884 (2004)
Defeatedd Washington Non-Tribal Gambling Establishments, Initiative 892 (2004)


See also: Washington 2003 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Repeal of Ergonomic Regulations, Initiative 841 (2003)


See also: Washington 2002 ballot measures

Approveda Washington License Tab Fees, Initiative 776 (2002). (A judge later nullifed I-776 on the grounds that it violated the state's single-subject rule.)
Approveda Washington Police and Fire Retirement System, Initiative 790 (2002)


See also: Washington 2001 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Property Tax Limitation, Initiative 747 (2001)
Approveda Washington In-Home Care Services, Initiative 775 (2001)
Approveda Washington Increase the Tobacco Tax, Initiative 773 (2001)


See also: Washington 2000 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Animal Trapping Act, Initiative 713 (2000)
Approveda Washington Tax Limitation Act, Initiative 722 (2000)
Approveda Washington School Class Sizes Act, Initiative 728 (2000)
Defeatedd Washington Charter Schools Act, Initiative 729 (2000)
Approveda Washington Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Teachers, Initiative 732 (2000)
Defeatedd Washington 90% of Transportation Funds Spent on Roads Act, Initiative 745 (2000)


See also: Washington 1999 ballot measures

Approveda Washington $30 License Tab Initiative, Initiative 695 (1999)
Defeatedd Washington Restrictions on Commercial Fishing, Initiative 696 (1999)


See also: Washington 1998 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Minimum Wage Act, Initiative 688 (1998)
Approveda Washington Medical Marijuana Act, Initiative 692 (1998)
Defeatedd Washington Late-Term Abortion Act, Initiative 694 (1998)


See also: Washington 1997 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP I-673 Health care Can health insurance plans be regulated as to provision of services by designated health care providers Defeatedd
ITP I-676 Firearms Can the transfer of handguns without trigger-locking devices be prohibited Defeatedd
ITP I-677 Labor Can employment discrimination based on sexual orientation be prohibited Defeatedd
ITP I-678 Health care Allow dental hygienists to perform more services Defeatedd
ITP I-685 Health care Reduce penalties for marijuana possession and use Defeatedd


See also: Washington 1996 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP I-655 Hunting Questions whether it should be a misdemeanor to hunt black bears with bait or dogs Approveda
ITP I-670 Legislature Questions whether the Secretary of State should place a ballot notice concerning legislative candidates who do not support term limits Defeatedd
ITP I-671 Gaming Amends tribal/state agreements to permit limited electronic gaming on Indian lands Defeatedd


See also: Washington 1995 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Fishing, I-640 Hunting Survival rates for non-targeted catch Defeatedd
ITP Gambling/Tribal, I-651 Gambling Compacts with tribes for unrestricted gambling on tribal land Defeatedd


See also: Washington 1994 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Denture Sales, I-607 Business Dentures can be sold by people other than dentists Approveda


See also: Washington 1993 ballot measures

Approveda Washington "Three Strikes", Initiative 593 (1993)
Approveda Washington Tax & Spending Limits, Initiative 601 (1993)
Defeatedd Washington Tax & Spending Limits, Initiative 602 (1993)


See also: Washington 1992 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Term Limits, Initiative 573 (1992)


See also: Washington 1991 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Term Limits, #553 Term limits Term limits for statewide elective offices Defeatedd
ITP Property Taxes, #559 Taxes Value property at the January 1, 1985 rate or subsequent sales price, adjusted for cost of living Defeatedd


See also: Washington 1990 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Land Use Planning, Initiative 547 (1990)


See also: Washington 1988 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Minimum Wage Increase, Initiative 518 (1988)


See also: Washington 1984 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington No Public Funding of Abortions, Initiative 471 (1984)
Approveda Washington Trade-Ins Don't Count for Sales Tax, Initiative 464 (1984)
Approveda Washington Ban on Commercial Fishing of Steelhead Trout, Initiative 456 (1984)


See also: Washington 1982 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Replace Sales Tax with Corporate Franchise Taxes, Initiative 435 (1982)
Defeatedd Washington Beverage Container Deposit, Initiative 414 (1982)
Defeatedd Washington Maximum Interest Rate on Retail Sales, Initiative 412 (1982)


See also: Washington 1981 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Voter Approval for Energy Project Bonds, Initiative 394 (1981)
Approveda Washington Abolition of Inheritance and Gift Taxes, Initiative 402 (1981)


See also: Washington 1980 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Ban on Transportation and Storage of Radioactive Waste, Initiative 383 (1980)


See also: Washington 1978 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Prohibition on Unnecessary Busing of Students, Initiative 350 (1978)


See also: Washington 1977 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Prohibit Stores that Sell Obscene Material, Initiative 335 (1977)
Approveda Washington Food Products Exempt from Sales Tax, Initiative 345 (1977)
Approveda Washington Motor Vehicle Tax Laws Revert to Previous Version, Initiative 348 (1977)


See also: Washington 1976 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Prohibition on Fluoridation of Public Water, Initiative 322 (1976)
Defeatedd Washington Conditions on Building Nuclear Power Facilities, Initiative 325 (1976)


See also: Washington 1975 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Corporate Excise Tax to Replace School Levies, Initiative 314 (1975)
Approveda Washington Mandatory Death Penalty for Aggravated Murder, Initiative 316 (1975)


See also: Washington 1973 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Limit on Politician Salaries, Initiative 282 (1973)


See also: Washington 1972 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Greyhound Racing, Initiative 258 (1972)
Defeatedd Washington Privatization of Liquor Sales, Initiative 261 (1972)
Approveda Washington Limits on Campaign Expenditures, Initiative 276 (1972)


See also: Washington 1970 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Regulation of Taxation, Initiative 251 (1970)
Defeatedd Washington Ban on Non-Refundable Beverage Containers, Initiative 256 (1970)


See also: Washington 1968 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Implied Consent for Driver Intoxication Tests, Initiative 242 (1968)
Approveda Washington Reduction of Maximum Retail Service Charges, Initiative 245 (1968)


See also: Washington 1966 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Allow Cities to Share Sales and Use Taxes, Initiative 226 (1966)
Approveda Washington Repeal of Sunday Blue Laws, Initiative 229 (1966)
Approveda Washington Repeal of Freight Train Crew Law, Initiative 233 (1966)


See also: Washington 1966 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Marine Recreation Land Act, Initiative 215 (1964)


See also: Washington 1962 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Legislative Reapportionment and Redistricting, Initiative 211 (1962)


See also: Washington 1960 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Spirituous Liquor Licenses for Taverns, Initiative 205 (1960)
Approveda Washington Civil Service for State Employees, Initiative 207 (1960)
Approveda Washington Authorize Joint Tenancies in Property, Initiative 208 (1960)
Approveda Washington Daylight Savings Time, Initiative 210 (1960)


See also: Washington 1958 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Restrictions on Labor Agreements, Initiative 202 (1958)


See also: Washington 1956 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Employer-Employee Relations Act, Initiative 198 (1956)
Approveda Washington Legislative Reapportionment and Redistricting Act, Initiative 199 (1956)


See also: Washington 1954 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Chiropractic Examination Standards Act, Initiative 188 (1954)
DefeateddWashington Salmon Fishing Regulations Act, Initiative 192 (1954)
Defeatedd Washington Daylight Savings Time Act, Initiative 193 (1954)
Defeatedd Washington Restriction of Television Advertising for Alcohol, Initiative 194 (1954)


Shelves of oleomargarine
See also: Washington 1952 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Oleomargarine Act, Initiative 180 (1952)
Approveda Washington Observance of Standard Time Act, Initiative 181 (1952)
Defeatedd Washington Liberalization of Old Age Pension Laws Act, Initiative 184 (1952)


See also: Washington 1950 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Minimum Monthly Grant for Public Assistance, Initiative 176 (1950)
Approveda Washington Citizens' Security Act of 1948, Initiative 172 (1950)


See also: Washington 1948 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Bonus for World War II Veterans Act, Initiative 169 (1948), but later found unconstitutional by the Washington Supreme Court
Approveda Washington Liquor by the Drink With Restrictions, Initiative 171 (1948)
Approveda Washington Liberalization of Social Security Benefits, Initiative 172 (1948)


See also: Washington 1946 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Public Utility Districts, Initiative 166 (1946)


See also: Washington 1944 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Liberalization of Old Age Assistance Laws, Initiative 157 (1944)
Defeatedd Washington Liberalization of Old Age Assistance Laws by the Townsend Clubs, Initiative 158 (1944)


See also: Washington 1940 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Public Utility District Bonds, Initiative 139 (1940)
Approveda Washington Old Age Pension Act, Initiative 141 (1940)


See also: Washington 1938 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Non-Partisan School Elections Act, Initiative 126 (1938)
Approveda Washington 40-Mill Tax Limit, Initiative 129 (1938)
Defeatedd Washington Regulation of Labor Disputes, Initiative 130 (1938)


See also: Washington 1936 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Civil Service Act, Initiative 101 (1936)
Approveda Washington 40-Mill Tax Limit Act, Initiative 114 (1936)
Defeatedd Washington Old Age Pension Act, Initiative 115 (1936)
Defeatedd Washington Production for Use Act, Initiative 119 (1936)


Fish traps, the subject of I-77 in 1934
See also: Washington 1934 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Fish Traps and Fishing Regulations, Initiative 77 (1934)
Approveda Washington 40-Mill Tax Limit Initiative, Initiative 94 (1934)


See also: Washington 1932 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Permanent Registration Act, Initiative 58 (1932)
Approveda Washington Intoxicating Liquor Act, Initiative 61 (1932)
Approveda Washington Department of Game Act, Initiative 62 (1932)
Approveda Washington 40-Mill Tax Levy Limit, Initiative 64 (1932)
Approveda Washington Income Tax Act, Initiative 69 (1932)


See also: Washington 1930 ballot measures

Approveda Washington State Legislative Redistricting Act, Initiative 57 (1930)


See also: Washington 1924 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Compulsory School Attendance Act, Initiative 49 (1924)
Defeatedd Washington Limitation of Taxation Act, Initiative 50 (1924)
Defeatedd Washington Electric Power Act, Initiative 52 (1924)


See also: Washington 1922 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Poll Tax Repeal Act, Initiative 40 (1922)
Defeatedd Washington 30-10 School Plan, Initiative 46 (1922)


See also: Washington 1916 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Brewer's Bill, Initiative 24 (1916)


See also: Washington 1914 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Statewide Prohibition Act, Initiative 3 (1914)
Defeatedd Washington Blue Sky Law, Initiative 6 (1914)
Defeatedd Washington Abolition of the Bureau of Inspection, Initiative 7 (1914)
Approveda Washington Abolition of Employment Offices, Initiative 8 (1914)
Defeatedd Washington Injured Workmen Act, Initiative 9 (1914)
Defeatedd Washington Convict Labor Road Measure, Initiative 10 (1914)
Defeatedd Washington Eight Hour Law, Initiative 13 (1914)

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