List of Washington State veto referendums

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Seventy-two veto referenda were filed with the Washington Secretary of State from 1914 through 2009. Of these, thirty-six qualified for the ballot.

Of the 36 that qualified for the ballot, 28 resulted in voters overturning recent acts of the Washington State Legislature, while in 8 cases, voters ratified a recently-enacted law that was undergoing a veto referendum process.


Defeatedd means that an act of the Washington State Legislature was overturned.
Approveda means that an act of the legislature was ratified.


Defeatedd Teacher's Retirement, Referendum 1
Defeatedd Quincy Valley Irrigation, Referendum 2


Defeatedd Initiative Laws, Referendum 3
Defeatedd Recall of Elective Officers, Referendum 4
Defeatedd Party Conventions Act, Referendum 5
Defeatedd Anti-Picketing Act, Referendum 6
Defeatedd Certificate of Necessity Act, Referendum 7
Defeatedd Port Commission Act, Referendum 8
Defeatedd Budget System Act, Referendum 9


Approveda Bone Dry Act, Referendum 10


(Supporters of Measures 11, 12A, 13A and 14A did not submit signatures to qualify their referenda for the ballot.)

Defeatedd Certificate of Necessity Act, Referendum 12B
Defeatedd Physical Examination of School Children, Referendum 13B
Defeatedd Primary Nominations and Registration, Referendum 14B
Defeatedd Party Conventions, Referendum 15


Shelves of butter substitutes

Defeatedd Butter Substitutes, Referendum 16


(Supporters of Referendum 17 did not submit signatures to qualify their measure for the ballot.)

Approveda Electric Energy for Cities and Town, Referendum 18


(Supporters of Referenda 19, 20 and 21 did not submit signatures to qualify their measures for the ballot.)

Approveda Industrial Insurance, Referendum 22
Defeatedd Legal Advisor for Grand Juries, Referendum 23
Defeatedd Prosecuting Attorneys Act, Referendum 24


Defeatedd Public Utility Districts, Referendum 25


(Supporters of Referenda 26 and 27 did not submit signatures to qualify their measures for the ballot.)

Defeatedd Appointment of Game Commissioners, Referendum 26
Defeatedd State Timber Resources Board, Referendum 27
Defeatedd Accident and Health Insurance, Referendum 28


(Supporters of Referendum 29 did not submit signatures to qualify their measure for the ballot.)

Defeatedd Inheritance Tax on Insurance, Referendum 30


(Supporters of Referendum 31 submitted signatures, but these were found to be insufficient for ballot qualification.)

Defeatedd State Milk Marketing Act, Referendum 32
Defeatedd Private Auditors of Municipal Accounts, Referendum 33

J&M Cafe and Cardroom


Defeatedd Cardrooms and Bingo Act, Referendum 34


Approveda Non-Discrimination by Real Estate Brokers Act, Referendum 35


Defeatedd Minimum Drinking Age Act, Referendum 36


(Supporters of Referenda 37 and 38 did not submit signatures to qualify their measures for the ballot.)

Defeatedd Voter Registration by Mail Act, Referendum 39
Defeatedd Establishment of a State Women's Commission, Referendum 40


A court ordered a writ of prohibition to prevent Referendum 40 from appearing on the November, 1984 election ballot.


(Between 1986 and 1995, supporters of Referendum Measures 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 and 47 did not submit signatures and therefore, none of these measures qualified for the ballot.)

Defeatedd Land Use, Referendum 48


(Between 1995 and 2002, supporters of Referendum Measures 49, 50, 51 and 52 did not submit signatures, or withdrew their measures.)

Defeatedd Unemployment Insurance, Referendum 53


Civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, who endorsed a "yes" vote on R-55

(Supporters of Referendum 54 did not turn in any signatures to qualify their measure for the ballot.)

Defeatedd Charter School Authorization, Referendum 55


(Between 2004-2007, supporters of Referendum Measures 56-66 either did not turn in signatures, withdrew their measures, or bumped into the emergency clause and, as a result, none of these measures went on the ballot.)

Approveda Triple Damages for Wrongly Denied Insurance Claims, Referendum 67


{Between 2007-2009, Referendum Measures 68, 69 and 70 were registered, but no signatures were turned in to qualify them for the ballot.)

Approveda Referendum 71

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