List of state legislative incumbents not running for re-election in 2013

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This page contains the names of incumbents who did not seek re-election in the 2013 state legislative elections. There were 15 incumbents who retired in 2013; six Democrats, eight Republicans and one independent.

State-by-state breakdown

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State Senate

See also: New Jersey State Senate elections, 2013

One incumbent senator did not run for re-election, while 39 (97.5%) ran for re-election.

  • District 18: Barbara Buono (D) declined to run for re-election, choosing to run in New Jersey's 2013 gubernatorial election. Buono and her running mate, Milly Silva, were defeated by Governor Chris Christie and Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno in the general election.[1]

State House

See also: New Jersey General Assembly elections, 2013

Five incumbent representatives did not run for re-election, while 75 (93.8%) ran for re-election.

Note: Assemblywoman Connie Terranova Wagner (D) withdrew from election on June 11, citing family reasons.[2]

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State House

See also: Virginia House of Delegates elections, 2013

Nine incumbent representatives did not run for re-election, while 91 (91%) ran for re-election. Of the nine incumbents who did not run for re-election, two were Democrats, six were Republicans and one was an independent.

Note: John Cosgrove won a special election to a Virginia State Senate seat and withdrew from the race for House District 78. His departure triggered a new filing period for candidates and allowed Leftwich to enter the race.[3][4][5]

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