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The Local & Municipal Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Louisiana State Senate.


Legislative instruments and other matter referred to this committee shall encompass the following subject matter:

  • Assessors, their offices, salaries, expenses, compensation, etc.
  • Assistance to municipal and other governments
  • City of New Orleans affairs
  • Department of Urban and Community Affairs
  • Drainage and sewerage and water districts
  • Economic development districts
  • Employees of local governments, except retirement
  • Expenditures by local governments
  • Forms of local government
  • Intergovernmental relations between local governments and state and local governments
  • Local boundary lines
  • Local ordinances
  • Local, parochial and municipal affairs generally, except matters specifically placed under the jurisdiction of other committees
  • Municipalities and municipal governing authorities
  • Parish tax collectors
  • Parishes and parish governing authorities
  • Political subdivision industrial inducement
  • Revenue of and taxation levied by local governments
  • Technical assistance to local governments
  • Urban, parochial and regional planning



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