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2014 Local Ballot Measures
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Local pension measures

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Original case study on San Jose and San Diego:

Pension reform: San Jose and San Diego voters weigh in
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In 2014, Ballotpedia is covering all local measures in California as well as any local pension reform efforts on the ballot and any local measures that concern notable or hot button issues.

Coverage of local measures

Pension Hotspots report

Besides having detailed articles on each local measure related to pensions, the local ballot measure project releases a monthly report on pension reform. Below are the 2014 editions:

Notable topics

Ballotpedia is covering the following notable local topics in detail in 2014:

Election details

This page summarizes local issues and keeps track of local election dates as followed on the site.

  • The first tab, Elections, notes each date that an election was held in the year as well as giving a summary of results for elections that have already occurred.
  • The second tab, State, lists each state and lists a few of the measures featured in that state this year.
  • The third tab, Topic lists the most notable topics addressed in various local measures throughout the year.
  • The last tab, News has the most recent news article about local measures as well as listing the last five archived articles.



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Below are the most notable topics addressed on local ballot measures in 2014.

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Marijuana legalization

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Marijuana tax

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Minimum wage

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Development projects

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The Tuesday Count: More marijuana, minimum wage measures expected in upcoming elections

Edited by Brittany Clingen

Tuesday Count-Checkmark.png


Marijuana activists think Maine is ripe to become the first Northeastern state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and are hoping to put a measure before voters in 2016. Meanwhile, down South, Texas legislators pre-filed 33 legislatively-referred constitutional amendments to be considered during the 2015 legislative session. At the local level, activists are once again attempting to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour in three different cities.

Marijuana in Maine:
After successfully passing recreational marijuana measures in several Western states, activists are taking their fight to the Northeast in the hopes that Maine will become the first state in that region to approve a ballot measure legalizing and regulating recreational use of the drug. Many Northeastern states have limited direct democracy available, making it harder or, in some cases, impossible for citizens to land measures on the ballot. However, Maine allows citizens to refer measures via indirect initiative, whereby citizens can send a measure to the state legislature if they collect enough signatures. If no action is taken by the legislature, the measure is automatically put before voters. Furthermore, activists view Maine's marijuana-friendly history as an advantage that could help further their cause. Maine decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana almost forty years ago and became the first state in New England to legalize the medical use of the drug 15 years ago. In order to put the measure before the legislature, supporters must collect approximately 61,000 valid signatures by the state's prescribed deadline. So far, a total of eight state ballots have the potential to feature marijuana legalization measures in 2016.[1]

Texas legislators pre-file 2015 legislative referrals:
With just over a month left in 2014, Texas legislators got a jump start on 2015 by pre-filing 33 legislatively referred constitutional amendments that will be considered during next year's session. Topics featured among the batch of bills include term limits, taxes, the minimum wage and marriage. One potential measure that has received media attention is the Protect Religious Freedom Amendment. If it ultimately is sent to the ballot and is approved by voters, the measure would prohibit the government from burdening an individual’s or organization’s freedom to act or refuse to act in a manner motivated by "a sincerely held religious belief," unless the government can prove that the burden is to further compelling government interests and is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.[2] Opponents of the measure, including some LGBT equality advocates, are concerned the amendment will become a "license to discriminate." Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez, in an op-ed in The Advocate, said the measure "would allow business owners and services to refuse to serve LGBT customers if doing so would violate their religious beliefs."[3] A two-thirds vote in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature is required to refer this, and all the other proposed amendments, to the ballot. Texas is one of sixteen states that requires a two-thirds supermajority.

Other local ballot measure news

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