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Census Prison Policy

A new policy for the 2010 census states that prisoners will have to be counted as residents from the city they are from, not in the cities where their prison is located. This is a new thing and rural Iowa depended a great deal on the prisoner numbers to keep their numbers higher for representation, which is predominantly republican in the rural areas and democratic in the cities. Rural towns are also worried about spending, if their population goes down after the census count then they will not receive as much money for development projects as they would have if the prisoners had been counted among their populations. Local groups do not think there would be enough time currently to stop the redistricting that will take place.[1]

Conservation Bond (2008)

(60% required to pass)

  • Shall the County of Johnson, State of Iowa, be authorized to acquire and develop lands with public access provided, to be managed by the Johnson County Conservation Board, in order to protect the water quality in rivers, lakes and streams; protect forests to improve air quality; protect natural areas and wildlife habitat from development, and provide for parks and trails, at a cost not exceeding $20,000,000 and issue its general obligation bonds in an amount not exceeding $20,000,000 for that purpose, to be repaid in not more than 20 years? All expenditures will be subject to an annual independent audit.

School bond and tax elections

See also: School bond and tax elections in Iowa

Iowa like other states requires a ballot measure if a school district exceeds the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) limit and to issue new bonding. Iowa has a school district budget growth limit which is set by the Iowa Legislature and approved by the Iowa Governor when the Iowa State Budget is deliberated. The current growth rate for public schools statewide is at four percent.