Local ballot measures, Washington

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Spokane County

County initiative process potentially up for a change

The Spokane County government is looking to change the way initiatives are conducted in their county. One proposed change is that a city attorney would instead write the ballot question that would appear, instead of those petitioning for the initiative. Another proposed change would be that the title of the proposed measure would have to be approved before signatures could be collected. Opponents say this would not give enough time to collect signatures, but the city said they would be allowed 12 months to collect in case the name approval took a while. Supports say that this process is based on the state's process and would rather clarify the issues and ensure ballot language is clear for all voters to understand. Opponents state that the city writing the language of the measure would introduce a bias, but city council members feel it would rather help not hinder the process.[1]

Snohomish County

County changes mind on Collins Building again

The Collins Building, two-story multi-windowed building on the Everett waterfront, has been the subject of much debate in Snohomish County. On Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Port Commissioners voted 2-1 to formally withdraw a $15 Million levy from the November ballot. The levy would have been used to rehabilitate and renovate the building, however, for activists attempting to prevent the building from being torn down the levy, they said, would have destroyed their efforts.[2] The levy had been approved by a unanimous vote just three weeks prior. The commissioners' decision to remove the measure comes shortly after a public opinion poll revealed that the measure was likely to fall in the November election. [3]

Sno-Isle Library system makes 2010 budget cuts

In late August 2009, Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees in Marysville, Washington announced that are reducing the salaries of the library system's 6 highest paid employees and senior administrators. Additionally, Sno-Isle officials will be implementing a salary freeze for all employees. Currently residents have asked that a levy increase be placed on the November 3, 2009 ballot.[4]