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Election wrap-up: November 8th local ballot measure results

By Johanna Herman

2011 Local Ballot Measures
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The election held on November 8 hosted a fair number of measures on local ballots.

In Arizona, nine counties had information posted on their election sites about measures on their ballots. There was a total of 59 measures reported, and of those, only 25 were approved - an approval rating of just 42.3% overall. There were 47 total measures that were about school issues. 29 of those measures were defeated for an approval rating of 38.3%.

In California, a total of twenty-four counties posted election information and listed 90 measures voted on by residents. Of those 90 measures, 62 were approved by voters; leading to an approval rating of 68.9% overall. Of those, 15 dealt with school parcel taxes and bonds, 11 of the school measures were approved leading to an approval rating of 73.3%.

In Florida, five counties posted election information on their websites with a total of 21 measures being voted on. Of those 21 measures, 14 were approved for a 66.7% overall approval rating.

In Michigan, forty-one counties had election information posted, 172 measures were decided and of those 120 were approved; an approval rating of 69.8%. Of those, 50 measures dealt with school bond and tax issues, 33 were approved with an approval rating of 66%.

In Missouri, just nine counties posted information about the election, a total of 14 measures were voted on and 9 of those were approved for a 64.3% approval rating. Only 1 measure dealt with a school tax. It was defeated.

In Oregon there were thirteen counties which posted election information resulting in a total of 43 measures voted on by residents. Of those 43 measures, 31 were approved, an approval rating of 72.1%. There were just 3 measures that dealt with school issues, all three of them were defeated.

In Washington, there were thirty counties which posted information on their websites about the November election, 122 measures in total were voted on. Of those 122 measures, 83 were approved, an approval rating of 68%. There were just 6 school measures on the ballots, of those 4 were approved, an approval rating of 66.7%.

In Wisconsin, there were just elev counties with 16 measures posted, all 16 measures were school issues. Of those 16, 8 were approved, 50% approval rating.

The election results for Ohio will be posted in the next week.

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School bond and tax votes

See also: School bond and tax elections in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a revenue cap that limits the amount of property tax revenue school districts can bring in. If any school district wants to exceed revenue limits, they are required to have a ballot measure. Wisconsin also requires ballot measures for any school bonding that exceeds $1 million dollars. However, Wisconsin has generous exemptions for school districts required to hold bond elections. School districts are exempt from voter approval to issue new bonding if a district is ordered by a state or federal court to remove hazardous substances or to be in compliance with fire standards. Also, school districts are exempt from bond elections if they are purchasing or detaching property from a former consolidated school district.

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