Louisiana 2007 ballot measures

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In the table below of ballot measures, "CI" stands for a Citizen initiative, "CR" for a Citizen referendum, "BI" for a Bond issue and "LR" for a Legislative referral.

The Initiative & Referendum Institute has issued a guide to the 2007 ballot measures.[1]

The National Taxpayers Union has issued a guide to the 2007 ballot measures.[2]

Measures on the October 2007 Louisiana ballot

Louisiana's election for the ballot measures listed below was held on October 20, 2007.[3]

Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Ballot Status Pass or Fail Yes Votes No Votes
2007 LR Law Enforcement Salaries Salary Security Would change the state's constitution to protect from budget cuts the state's supplemental pay program for certain law enforcement and fire fighters On Ballot Passed 59% 41%
2007 LR State Retirement Retirement Funding Would change the state constitution to revise the funding requirements for future benefits to members of state retirement systems On Ballot Passed 58% 42%
2007 LR Supplemental police officer pay Supplemental pay Would change the state constitution to expand the state's supplemental pay program to include additional law enforcement officers and firefighters On Ballot Passed 56% 44%
2007 LR Exempt jewelry from property taxes Property taxes Would change the state constitution to provide a tax exemption for jewelry held on consignment On Ballot Failed 44% 56%


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