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* [http://www.sos.louisiana.gov/Portals/0/elections/pdf/2008ConstitutionalAmendments.pdf Text of all seven measures]
* [http://www.sos.louisiana.gov/Portals/0/elections/pdf/2008ConstitutionalAmendments.pdf Text of all seven measures]
{{2008 ballot measures}}
{{ballot measures}}
{{ballot measures}}
[[Category:Louisiana 2008 ballot measures]]
[[Category:Louisiana 2008 ballot measures]]

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Seven ballot measures appeared on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Louisiana. All seven were legislatively-referred constitutional amendments.

November 2008 ballot

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
LR Term Limits for Public Boards Act, Amendment 1 Term Limits Concerned term limits for members of public boards and commissions Approved
LR Extraordinary Legislative Sessions Act, Amendment 2 Legislative Sessions Require that when a proclamation is issued to call the state legislature into an extraordinary session, the proclamation must be issued at least seven calendar days before the extraordinary (special) session convenes Approved
LR Temporary Legislators Act, Amendment 3 Legislative Procedure Require the legislature to "prompt[ly]" provide for temporary successors for legislators ordered to active duty in the military Approved
LR Severance Tax Act, Amendment 4 Severance Tax Increase the amount of the state's severance tax that is allocated to parishes (counties) Defeated
LR Expropriated Property Act, Amendment 5 Property Assessment Authorize the transfer of a special assessment level on property when the property has been sold to or expropriated by the federal or state government Defeated
LR Blighted Property Act, Amendment 6 Property Requirements Provide an exception to requirements of first refusal by the owner prior to sale, and certain procedures for declaration of property as surplus property, when property is taken for the public purpose of removal of a threat to public healthy or safety. Defeated
LR Retirement Fund Investment Act, Amendment 7 Investment of State Funds Authorize the investment in equities of monies of the state and a political subdivision Defeated

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