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==External links==
==External links==
* [http://www.legis.la.gov/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=812501 HB 524 (text)]
* [http://www.legis.la.gov/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=812501 HB 524 (text)]
==Additional reading==
* [http://www.thetowntalk.com/article/20121014/OPINION/121012048/-1/rss01?nclick_check=1 ''TheTownTalk.com'' "Our View: Louisiana ballot measures need scrutiny by voters," October 14, 2012]

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Boards and Commissions Restructuring Amendment
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Quick stats
Type:Constitutional amendment
Constitution:Louisiana Constitution
Referred by:Louisiana State Legislature
Topic:Administration of gov't
Status:On the ballot
The Louisiana Boards and Commissions Restructuring Amendment will appear on the November 6, 2012 statewide ballot in Louisiana as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. If enacted, the measure would restructure the composition of various constitutional boards and commissions. The measure was sent to the ballot during the 2012 state legislative session as HB 524.

Text of measure

The official ballot text reads as follows:[1]

Do you support an amendment, relative to the membership of constitutional boards and commissions that have members who are selected from congressional districts, to retain the existing number of members and to provide for implementation of membership from reapportioned congressional districts by filling vacancies first from under-represented districts and then from the state at large?

Path to the ballot

See also: Louisiana legislatively-referred constitutional amendments

The legislatively-referred constitutional amendment required a two-thirds vote from members of both houses of the Louisiana State Legislature to be placed on the statewide ballot.

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External links

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