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The Louisiana Legislative Auditor is a state legislative position in the Louisiana state government. Constitutionally established in 1964, the legislative auditor is elected by a majority of the members of both the state Senate and House.

Prior to 1964, various agencies performed the role of the auditor.[1]

Current officeholder

The current officeholder is Daryl Purpera. He has served since 2010.


Article 3, Section 11 of the Louisiana Constitution establishes the office of legislative auditor:

There shall be a legislative auditor responsible solely to the legislature...


The legislative auditor is elected by a majority of each house and may be removed by the vote of two-thirds of each house.


Article 3, Section 11 of the Louisiana Constitution outlines the duties of the legislative auditor:

He shall serve as a fiscal advisor to it and shall perform the duties and functions provided by law related to auditing fiscal records of the state, its agencies, and political subdivisions...

Current duties include oversight of state and local government finances, financial audit services, compliance audit services, performance audit services, advisory services, and recovery assistance services.[1]


In 2010, the Louisiana Auditor was paid an estimated $132,620 according to the Council of State Governments.[2]

Historical officeholders

Since its establishment in 1964, Louisiana has had five legislative auditors.[1]

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Contact information

Louisiana Legislative Auditor
1600 North Third Street
P.O. Box 94397
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9397

Phone: (225) 339-3800
Fax: (225) 339-3870

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