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Louisiana Marriage Amendment 1 (2004)

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The Louisiana Marriage Amendment appeared on the September 2004 ballot in Louisiana, where it passed, with 78% in favor.

The wording on the ballot said:

"Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Louisiana, to enact Article XII, Section 15, relative to marriage; to require that marriage in the state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman; to provide that the legal incidents of marriage shall be conferred only upon such union; to prohibit the validation or recognition of the legal status of any union of unmarried individuals; to prohibit the recognition of a marriage contracted in another jurisdiction which is not the union of one man and one woman; to provide for submission of the proposed amendment to the electors and provide a ballot proposition; and to provide for related matters."

Financing the campaign

A total of $66,664 was spent by both sides of this issue. The pro-campaign spent $43,117 and the anti-campaign spent $23,547.

Larger donors to the "yes" vote side of things were:

  • Louisiana Citizens for Defense of Marriage, $22,750.
  • Louisiana Family Forum, $14,824.

Larger donors to the "no" campaign were:

  • Club New Orleans, $5,000.[1]