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Louisiana Senate Legislative Services is a non-partisan legislative services agency that serves the members and staff of the Louisiana State Senate.


Senate Legislative Services is governed by an Administrator who oversees the day to day operations of the agency and the separate divisions of the agency. A staff of 37 is employed by Senate Legislative Services[1].


Business and Resources

Staff in the Business and Resources Division provide all staffing for standing committees dealing with business, commerce, and other related issues in the Louisiana Senate. In addition, staff in the division provide legislative research and analysis along with bill drafting.

Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Division is responsible for handling all research and analysis of fiscal legislation affecting the Louisiana government. The Fiscal Services division serves as the official committee staff of the Senate Finance Committee along with the Louisiana Revenue Estimating Conference. Also, Fiscal Services is responsible for monitoring the Louisiana State Budget[2].

Judiciary and Government

The Judiciary and Government Division is responsible for staffing all standing committees in the Louisiana Senate that deal with the state's judiciary and government operations. Judiciary and Government division provides bill drafting along with all research services.

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