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The Lucy Burns Institute (LBI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. It was founded in December 2006. It sponsors Ballotpedia and Judgepedia.

According to the organization's website:

"The Institute is named in honor of Lucy Burns, a suffragette who helped to organize the National Woman’s Party in 1916. In her work to advocate the cause of "votes for women," she organized, lobbied, wrote, edited, traveled, marched, spoke, rallied and picketed. When she was eventually arrested for her activities, she led a hunger strike in prison and was ultimately force-fed. She knew that being able to participate in a democracy by voting was an essential way to express our human dignity. For this goal, she was willing to fight and suffer.
In a small way, we like to think our work carries on the spirit of Lucy Burns. In modern America, the barriers to full participation in our democracy aren’t as concrete as the ability to cast a vote. What can prevent people from fully engaging in today’s political process is when it is difficult to find accurate, comprehensive information about election laws, politicians, candidates and elections. LBI's goal is to help solve that problem for all three branches of government, at all three levels of government."


LBI is governed by a board of directors. Members of the board as of January 1, 2013 are:

  • Mike Barnhart, Chair
  • Tim Dunn
  • Jack McHugh

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