Lyle Turner recall, Mountain Gate Community Services District, California (2009)

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An election to recall Lyle Turner from the elected board of the Mountain Gate Community Services District in Shasta County, California, took place on February 24, 2009. Turner was recalled and Jeffrey D. Cole was chosen as his successor.[1]

Turner was the chairman of the fire and water district. According to the board, he hired an attorney at the district's expense, at a cost of $10,000, without the knowledge of the other members of the board or their consent.[2]


The recall took place because of a petition filed on August 15, 2008 containing 346 signatures. Shasta County elections staff found that 297 of the signatures were valid, while 266 valid signatures were required to put the recall question on the ballot.[3]

The district, which operates on an annual budget of $785,105, paid for the costs of holding the recall election. At the time of the election, there were 1,132 eligible voters in the district.[4]

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