Lynwood Schools Recall of Board Members, 2009

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An effort to recall four members of the Lynwood Unified School District, launched in July 2009, did not proceed to a vote.[1] The recall effort was aimed at Board President Jose Solache, and board trustees Maria Lopez, Rachel Chavez and Oscar Espinoza.


The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters Office said that Chavez was not eligible for recall since her term was set to end in December 2009. Under California law, lected officials cannot be recalled from office six months before their term is up.

Raquel Vasquez led the unsuccessful recall effort.[1]

Reasons for recall

When a recall petition is filed in California, reasons must be listed for what motivates the recall effort. In the case of the recall petitions against Solache, Lopez, Chavez and Espinoza, the reasons listed were:

  • Failure to meet yearly Academic Performance Index standards. Every school in the Lynwood distirct ranks 200 or more points below the statewide API student test score average. The test scores have fallen each year in recent years.
  • Failure to meet yearly progress standards set by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Failure to meet California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) goals. Every school in the district ranks "below" or "far below" basic test score requirements.
  • Failure to manage public school funds. The recall petition asserts that board members have wasted school funds on "unnecessary consultants and unqualified individuals."
  • Failure to safeguard classrooms and students by hiring child sexual predators as teachers and principals within the district.[1]

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