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Madison County Schools, Alabama

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Madison County Schools is a school district in the state of Alabama.

Website evaluation

The good

  • The current budget, including revenue information, is posted, but no past financial information is available. Check registers and monthly financial statements are also posted.[1]
  • Board meeting minutes are posted; agendas and a meeting schedule are not provided.[2]
  • The Board of Education members are listed and email addresses are provided; phone numbers are not posted.[3]
  • Contact information is available for the administrative officials.[4]
  • Bid requests are listed, but no contracts are posted.[5]
  • Test results provide some information on academic performance and a link is provided to the district report cards on the Alabama State Department of Education website.[6]
  • The district requires a criminal background check for employees.[7]
  • Employment procedures and applications and teacher salary schedules are posted.[8]

The bad

  • No lobbyists are mentioned.
  • Teacher and vendor contracts are not available. Vendor information can be found on the Alabama State website.[9]
  • There is no information about requesting public records.
  • No audits are posted.

School board

Below are the school district board members:[3]

School board member
Rich McAdams
Kenny Johnson (Sunshine Review)
Mary Louise Stowe
Ricky Stafford
Jeff Anderson (Sunshine Review)

The current district superintendent is Terry L. Davis, Ed.D.

The Alabama Public School System is supervised by the State Board of Education. The Board President is Governor Bob Riley and the State Superintendent is the Board’s Chief Executive Officer.[10]

Current Board of Education members include:

Member District Term Term Expires
Governor Bob Riley, President
Joseph B. Morton, State Superintendent of Education, Secretary and Executive Officer
Randy McKinney, Vice President District 1 2nd 2013
Betty Peters District 2 1st 2011
Stephanie Bell District 3 2nd 2013
Dr Ethel H Hall, Vice President Emerita District 4 2nd 2011
Ella B. Bell District 5 2nd 2013
David F. Byers, Jr. District 6 2nd 2011
Gary B. Warren District 7 2013
Dr Mary Jane Caylor, President Pro Tem District 8 2011


Madison County Schools publishes its annual budget on its website.[11]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2013-2014 $118,963,945 56.4% $25,493,814 12.1% $49,282,885 23.4% $12,198,732 5.8% $4,821,926 2.3% $210,761,305
Averages: $118,963,945 56% $25,493,814 12% $49,282,885 23% $12,198,732 6% $4,821,926 2% $210,761,305

Academic Performance

The Alabama Department of Education's Student Assessment Program tests students K – 12 in core content areas of reading, mathematics, language, and science, including specialist populations such as special education students and limited English proficient students. [12]

The Alabama Accountability Program sets Annual Measurable Objectives for schools and school systems. To achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) toward system goals, schools must score at or above the set objectives and have at least a 95% participation rate amongst students. Students are tested in reading and mathematics. A school that misses AYP in the same area for two consecutive years is identified as In Improvement.[13]

AYP results for the State of Alabama and Madison County Schools are noted below.[14] Results for individual schools within each district can be accessed through the Accountability Reporting Query System on the Alabama State Department of Education website.[15]

State of Alabama Reading Scores 2009-2010[14] - Percent of Students in Each Achievement Level

Grade Level I Level II Level III Level IV
3rd 0.67% 12.75% 32.55% 54.04%
4th 0.29% 13.02% 30.83% 55.86%
5th 0.72% 13.63% 31.68% 53.96%
6th 0.41% 13.45% 27.00% 59.13%
7th 0.37% 16.61% 37.07% 45.95%
8th 1.14% 25.35% 36.72% 36.79%

State of Alabama Math Scores 2009-2010[14] - Percent of Students in Each Achievement Level

Grade Level I Level II Level III Level IV
3rd 4.34% 15.53% 29.05% 51.08%
4th 2.05% 16.69% 28.17% 53.09%
5th 0.56% 16.83% 33.20% 49.41%
6th 0.07% 22.99% 40.91% 36.03%
7th 0.03% 31.21% 39.35% 29.41%
8th 0.01% 21.37% 53.03% 25.59%

Level I - Does Not Meet Academic Content Standards.

Level II - Partially Meets Academic Content Standards.

Level III - Meets Academic Content Standards.

Level IV - Exceeds Academic Content Standards.

State of Alabama AYP Results 2009-2010[14]

District Made AYP?
State of Alabama N
600px-Red x.png
Madison County N
600px-Red x.png


The Alabama Education Association (Sunshine Review) (AEA) is the teachers union for the State of Alabama.[16] The AEA is affiliated with the National Education Association (Sunshine Review) (NEA).[17]

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