Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin

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The Madison Metropolitan School District is a school district in Wisconsin.


The Madison Metropolitan School District's budget is published on its website.[1]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2011-2012 $147,444,948 47.7% $10,415,528 3.4% $98,084,666 31.7% $155,227 0.1% $52,865,415 17.1% $308,965,784
2012-2013 $157,561,910 48% $11,563,274 3.5% $109,160,166 33.2% $152,409 0% $50,138,462 15.3% $328,576,221
2013-2014 $157,203,217 48.3% $12,478,886 3.8% $100,181,101 30.8% $152,114 0% $55,541,943 17.1% $325,557,261
Averages: $154,070,025 48% $11,485,896 4% $102,475,311 32% $153,250 0% $52,848,606.67 16% $321,033,088.67

Website evaluation

See also: Evaluation of Wisconsin school district websites

Last rated on April 6, 2012.

The good

  • 2011-2012 budget information is provided, but previous budgets are not available.
  • Budget gap and tax impact options are provided.[2]
  • School board members and their individual contact information are listed.[3]
  • School board meetings and minutes are posted.[4]
  • Administrative officials in differing departments are listed.[5]
  • Recent budget information is provided.[6]
  • Some information is provided on contracts and employment.[7]
  • Audits are posted.[8]
  • Recent statewide test results are posted.[9]
  • Background check information is briefly reviewed in the employment tasks information.[7]

The bad

  • Does not archive past budgets.
  • No public records information is provided.

School board

The school board is comprised of a superintendent and "such other officers as the legislature shall direct." The superintendent is appointed by the state legislature in the same manner as members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The superintendent can hold office for 4 years.[10] According to the state constitution the board of education may not prevent a non−union teacher from speaking of a bargaining issue at an open meeting, as was ruled in the U.S. Supreme Court case Madison School District v. Wisconsin Employment Commission.[11]

Member District Term
Maya Cole Crestwood, Lincoln, Midvale, Schenk and Sennett schools Expires 2013
Ed Hughes Emerson, Franklin, Mendota, Orchard Ridge, Randall, O'Keeffe and Shabazz Expires 2011
James Howard Elvehjem, Lindbergh, Sandburg, Thoreau, Jefferson, Sherman, Toki and West Expires 2013
Lucy Mathiak Chavez, Gompers, Huegel, Lowell, Van Hise, Whitehorse and La Follette Expires 2012
Beth Moss Allis, Hawthorne, Leopold, Nuestro Mundo, Olson and Cherokee Expires 2013
Marj Passman Elem — Glendale, Lake View, Muir, Stephens, Black Hawk, Hamilton, Memorial and Affiliated Alternatives Expires 2011
Arlene Silveira Falk, Kennedy, Lapham, Marquette, Shorewood, Spring Harbor, Wright and East Expires 2012

Teacher contracts

  • Note: Information about the current contract in Madison Metropolitan is not disclosed on its website.

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) helps to negotiate contracts with the teacher's union, the Education Association of Wisconsin. The website for WASB pitches "professional" assistance on collective bargaining agreements, policies, salary ranges and fringe benefit data as well as past court information.[12]

Legislative Agenda

Annually, WASB publishes its current legislative agenda, which it separates into state and federal issues.[13]


The WASB’s statewide priority issues regarding the 2013-15 budget are:[14]

  • INCREASE Revenue Limits (SUPPORT the Ellis-Olsen proposal) to provide a per pupil revenue limit increase of at least $150 in each year of the budget;
  • REMOVE FROM THE BUDGET voucher expansion and vouchers for special needs students; and
  • REMOVE FROM THE BUDGET the creation of an independent charter school board, as well as other provisions on charter schools, that will usurp local control from locally elected school board members.

Administrative staff

Below are the administrative staff members and their 2009 pay:[15]

Full Name Position Title Prorated Salary Prorated Fringe
Nancy Yoder Principal $21,525.57 $4,923.54
Nancy Yoder Principal $21,525.57 $4,923.54
Julie Frentz Principal $100,252.00 $34,037.00
Mary Kelley Principal $106,628.00 $35,414.00
Linda Allen Principal $103,173.00 $34,924.00
Brett Wilfrid Assistant Principal $70,262.00 $26,337.00
Karen Seno Principal $101,407.00 $34,771.00
Richard Reynolds Assistant Principal $81,572.00 $29,188.00
Howard Fried Principal $109,013.00 $35,852.00
Nancy Yoder Principal $20,259.36 $4,633.92
David Krause Assistant Principal $100,739.00 $32,583.00
Richard Rogness Assistant Principal $95,193.00 $33,854.00
Alan Harris Principal $116,168.00 $36,099.00
Beatriz Bonet-Lueck Assistant Principal $97,967.00 $32,035.00
Randi Kubek Assistant Principal $86,797.00 $21,026.00
Craig Campbell Principal $109,013.00 $35,965.00
Karen Kepler Principal $85,471.00 $29,845.00
Lynn Winn Principal $93,391.00 $33,333.00
Catherine Mcmillan Principal $109,013.00 $22,550.00
Michael Buhl Principal $95,362.00 $33,486.00
Carlettra Stanford Principal $85,471.00 $21,686.00
Angelina Crawford Assistant Principal $78,068.00 $30,379.00
Henry Schmelz Principal $97,163.00 $34,099.00
Beth Lehman Principal $97,333.00 $25,048.00
David Bray Principal $109,013.00 $35,631.00
Nancy Evans Principal $97,163.00 $25,352.00
Lee Korpela Assistant Principal $85,063.00 $32,193.00
John Burmaster Principal $109,735.00 $35,890.00
Nancy Caldwell Principal $85,471.00 $23,001.00
Mary Manthey Assistant Principal $103,173.00 $26,005.00
Kelly Lynaugh Assistant Principal $95,193.00 $24,873.00
Joseph Gothard Principal $101,662.00 $20,775.00
Mikki Smith Assistant Principal $92,421.00 $33,509.00
Stephen Hoffman Assistant Principal $90,550.00 $33,053.00
Chad Wiese Assistant Principal $81,158.00 $28,998.00
Kristi Kloos Principal $87,453.00 $30,398.00
Anne Fischer Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $106,628.00 $33,200.00
Michael Hertting Principal $100,252.00 $25,444.00
Laura Huber Assistant Principal $76,776.00 $27,269.00
John Burkholder Principal $97,333.00 $33,961.00
Deborah Hoffman Principal $100,252.00 $34,381.00
Mary Hyde Principal $110,201.00 $27,410.00
Lisa Kvistad Principal $97,333.00 $33,855.00
Janice Duxstad Assistant Director of Special Education $105,678.00 $26,743.00
James Haessly Assistant Director of Special Education $94,356.00 $33,846.00
Julie Palkowski Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $77,688.00 $27,908.00
Gretchen Wolfe Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $86,760.00 $32,599.00
Daniel Nerad District Administrator $198,500.00 $57,998.00
Scott Zimmerman Assistant Director of Special Education $92,459.00 $18,956.00
Donna Williams Central Office Administrator $110,052.00 $35,869.00
Amy Christianson Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $84,856.00 $31,869.00
Silvia Romero-Johnson Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $76,372.00 $15,471.00
Mark Lea Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $87,939.00 $32,771.00
Pamela Nash Assistant District Administrator $146,826.00 $40,265.00
Erik Kass Business Manager $131,094.00 $38,571.00
Susan Abplanalp Assistant District Administrator $135,027.00 $39,076.00
Timothy Peterson Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $89,743.00 $33,015.00
Sheila Briggs Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $96,390.00 $31,635.00
Ann Yehle Director of Special Education and/or Pupil Services $123,660.00 $37,323.00
Ted Szalkowski Assistant Director of Special Education $97,187.00 $33,917.00
Lisa Wachtel Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $123,136.00 $37,623.00
Brian Sniff Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $82,951.00 $29,039.00
Curtis Weber Assistant Director of Special Education $102,848.00 $34,800.00
Robert Nadler Central Office Administrator $126,621.00 $38,251.00
Mary Ziegler Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $81,047.00 $16,726.00
Andrea Kreft Principal $85,471.00 $29,832.00
Bennett Radloff Assistant Principal $95,193.00 $33,529.00
Peter Hartman Assistant Principal $95,193.00 $33,889.00
Emily Comstock Assistant Principal $92,421.00 $25,256.00
Bruce Dahmen Principal $123,136.00 $24,474.00
Matt Hendrickson Assistant Principal $83,040.00 $31,212.00
Sandra Gunderson Principal $103,173.00 $35,066.00
Pamela Wilson Principal $97,333.00 $24,038.00
Linda Kailin Principal $106,092.00 $35,394.00
Javier Bolivar Principal $97,333.00 $34,167.00
Kay Enright Principal $95,039.00 $34,062.00
Pamela Emmerich Principal $93,391.00 $33,017.00
Barbara Dorn Principal $85,471.00 $29,916.00
Marianne Moss Principal $100,252.00 $34,723.00
Michael Deignan Principal $85,471.00 $29,953.00
Nancy Yoder Principal $21,525.57 $4,923.54
Emmett Durtschi Principal $91,410.00 $33,308.00
James Pliner Assistant Principal $81,572.00 $31,252.00
Colleen Lodholz Principal $106,628.00 $35,581.00
Nancy Yoder Principal $20,259.36 $4,633.92
Sally Schultz Principal $106,628.00 $35,425.00
Michael Hernandez Principal $92,912.00 $33,503.00
Lynn Berton Principal $100,252.00 $34,668.00
Gail Anderson Principal $106,628.00 $33,542.00
Sarah Galanter Principal $85,471.00 $22,961.00
Elizabeth Fritz Principal $100,252.00 $34,791.00
Nicole Schaefer Principal $99,295.00 $31,900.00
Sean Storch Assistant Principal $74,563.00 $29,657.00
Margaret Keeler Principal $89,430.00 $30,248.00
Edward Holmes Principal $126,621.00 $37,780.00
Mary Thompson Assistant Principal $90,550.00 $30,842.00
Theresa Calderon Assistant Principal $90,550.00 $33,128.00
David Watkins Assistant Principal $90,550.00 $32,835.00
Mitchal Mcgrath Assistant Principal $92,421.00 $33,341.00
Deborah Ptak Principal $99,295.00 $33,819.00
Nancy Yoder Principal $21,525.57 $4,923.54

Academic performance

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides a SDPR (School District Performance Report) for each district, which tracks achievement test results (grades 3, 4, 8 and 10), ACT and AP exam scores, retention rates, attendance, dropouts and truancy, among other measures.[16]

The below chart shows the number of students in the Madison Metropolitan School District who scored advanced or proficient in each subject for 2009-2010, with the statewide figure in parentheses:[17]

Grade Reading Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies
3rd grade 72.7% - - - -
4th grade 73.1% 69.3% 76.6% 69.1% 85.8%
8th grade 81.1% 63.7% 78.2% 75.0% 78.4%
10th grade 72.5% 60.5% 67.4% 64.9% 70.3%

School Choice

Open Enrollment

"Wisconsin's inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they reside."[18] All students may apply to attend a different school district outside of their resident area. While they can request to attend a specific school, assignment to that school is not guaranteed even if their application is accepted, as the students apply to the school district, and not individual schools.[19]

Students may also apply to attend virtual charter schools through open enrollment by applying to the non-resident district in which the virtual charter operates. However, Wisconsin state law "limits the number of students that may attend virtual charter schools under the open enrollment program." Students may be placed on a waiting list for virtual charter schools.[19]

Public Records

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council performed an audit of compliance with the Wisconsin Open Records Law in 2008. 3 in 10 of the requests submitted were found to be ignored or responded to in violation of state law.

The only local government in Dane County that responded poorly to the audit was the Madison Metropolitan School District. The district turned over requested meeting minutes from open meetings, but referred the requestor to the School District's attorney rather than providing minutes from closed session. The district did eventually turn over all the requested documents. [20] [21]

See audit finds nearly 10% of open records requests denied or ignored for more.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

Main article: Wisconsin government sector lobbying

Madison Metropolitan School District spent $133,000 on lobbying the 2005-2006 session of the legislature to get more tax money into the classrooms, fighting against revenue limits and against limits to local control. [22]

Public employee salaries

Main article: Madison Metropolitan School District employee salaries

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