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Maine 2008 ballot measures

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2008 Ballot Propositions

Year Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Ballot Status Pass or Fail Yes Votes No Votes
2008 An Act Relating to Groundwater Extraction or Use Groundwater Use Redefine rights to and legal uses for groundwater, and create new state board for regulation and monitoring of groundwater supply Deadline: 1/28/08 - - -
2008 An Act to Ban Slot Machines Gambling Ban all public use of slot machines in Maine Deadline: 1/28/08 - - -
2008 An Act Concerning the Possession and Cultivation of Marijuana for Medical Purpose Increased Marijuana Legalization Increase the number of plants a person may possess, allow self-medication, and set up marijuana outlet stores throughout the state Deadline: 1/28/08 - - -
2008 An Act to Allow a Casino in Oxford County Gambling Allow the only casino in Maine to be established in Oxford County, by a specifice company, with part of the revenue to be used to fund specific state programs Deadline: 1/28/08 - - -
2008 An Act to Establish the Maine Public Real Estate Listing Service Real Estate Establish a public site on which individuals can list real estate for a fee, and real estate agents will be reguired to list for a fee unless client requests it not be listed Deadline: 1/28/08 - - -