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Maine Bigelow Mountain Public Preserve (1976)

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Bigelow Mountain

A Maine Bigelow Mountain Initiative, appearing on the ballot as Measure 1, was on the June 8, 1976 ballot in Maine. It was an initiated measure to establish a public preserve in the Bigelow Mountain area. It passed.

  • In favor: 85,782
  • Opposed: 81,915

It was the twelfth initiative to appear on the Maine ballot subsequent to the time that I&R was approved as a process in Maine in 1908.

Motivation for initiative

The idea for the initiative was inspired by the news that the Flagstaff Corporation, a ski resort developer, was planning to purchase land around the Bigelow Mountain and develop a destination ski resort. The supporters of the initiative reasoned that if the government purchased the land and used it to establish a nature conservancy, the land would be permanently prohibited from development.[1]

Innovation in signature-gathering

Supporters of the Bigelow Mountain Initiative discovered that by circulating petitions by polling places on election day, it was possible to obtain 25,000 or more signatures in one day--and the signatures would tend to include a much higher percentage of registered voters than with normal circulation techniques, since the petition circulators would know by who showed up to vote who was registered.

The initiative coordinator for this effort was Lance Tapley. [2]

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