Maine 1992 ballot measures

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Eight Maine Bond Questions were on the statewide 1992 ballot in Maine.

  • Two of the bonding questions were on the state's primary ballot.
  • All of the bond questions were referred to the ballot by the Maine legislature.
  • $101,000,000 of the requests were approved.
  • $26,985,000 of the requests were defeated.
Measure Ballot Requested For Percent in favor Outcome
Question 1 Primary $37,000,000 Infrastructure spending[1] 61.0% Approveda
Question 2 Primary $42,000,000 Improvements to transportation facilities[2] 58.6% Approveda
Question 4 General $10,000,000 Solid waste landfills[3] 51.9% Approveda
Question 5 General $6,000,000 Port facilities[4] 25.4% Defeatedd
Question 6 General $8,000,000 OSHA compliance[5] 37.8% Defeatedd
Question 7 General $12,000,000 Water pollution control[6] 59.7% Approveda
Question 8 General $9,985,000 Tuition for unemployed[7] 44.8% Defeatedd
Question 9 General $3,000,000 Trains in Piscatquis[8] 38.7% Defeatedd

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  1. Do you favor a $37,000,000 bond issue for municipal and other infrastructure improvements and activities designed to create and preserve jobs?
  2. Do you favor a $42,000,000 bond issue to create and protect jobs through capital improvements in transportation facilities?
  3. Do you favor a $10,000,000 bond issue to fund loans and grants to municipalities and regional associations for purchasing recycling equipment and facilities and for the closure and remediation of municipal solid waste landfills?
  4. Do you favor a $6,000,000 bond issue to help municipalities pay for the repair and improvement of publicly owned port facilities?
  5. Do you favor a $8,000,000 bond issue for capital repairs to state facilities to meet health and safety codes and comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards?
  6. Do you favor a $12,000,000 bond issue for the construction of water pollution control facilities, providing the state match for approximately $30,000,000 in federal money?
  7. Do you favor a $9,985,000 bond issue to fund the payment of tuition for unemployed Maine citizens enrolled as full-time students in eligible programs at Maine's technical colleges?
  8. Do you favor a $3,000,000 bond issue for the acquisition of certain rail lines to ensure the continuation of rail services in rural Piscataquis, Penobscot and Waldo counties?