Maine Legislative Document 1667 (2010)

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Maine Legislative Document 1667 (2010)
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Legislature:Maine State Legislature
Text:As Chaptered
Sponsor(s):Sullivan, Jackson, et al
Legislative History
State house:March 16, 2010
State senate:March 17, 2010
Governor:John E. Baldacci
Signed:March 23, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Maine
Maine Legislative Document 1667 is a 2010 Maine law, also known as "SP 632" or "An Act To Amend the Election Laws and Other Related Laws." The bill will resolve an inconsistency in Maine Law concerning the amount of time that the Maine Office of Fiscal and Program Review is given to prepare a fiscal impact statement for proposed initiatives. The bill also requires that fiscal impact statements for ballot initiative and sample ballots must be posted outside voting locations.

In addition, the bill clarifies the qualifications that must be met by the registrar of voters and the positions a registrar may not seek or hold. The law also allows a warden, ward clerk and deputy wardens be registered voters of the county, rather than the municipality, in which they serve. This exception only applies when there is a vacancy in one of these positions and only last for the duration of the election. The bill also allows the public to inspect absentee ballot applications and envelopes prior to processing.[1][2]

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