Maine Legislative Document 1730 (2010)

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Maine Legislative Document 1730 (2010)
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Legislature:Maine State Legislature
Text:As Chaptered
Sponsor(s):Nutting, Berry, et al
Legislative History
State house:March 30, 2010
Vote (lower house):Y119, N23, A9
State senate:March 31, 2010
Vote (upper house):Y20, N15
Governor:John E. Baldacci
Signed:April 6, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Maine
Maine Legislative Document 1730 (2010) is a 2010 Maine law, also know as "SP 662" or "An Act To Strengthen the Ballot Initiative Process." The law requires petition forms to include a unique number identifying the petition circulator and requires petitions to be signed, notarized, and copied. In addition, the law requires that paid petition organizers must register with the state.

The law also allows the state 100 days to make a final decision certifying or rejecting a petition, bringing state law in line with the Maine Constitution. Also, the law allows 10 days (instead of five) to challenge a decision and 40 days (instead of 45) for the Maine Supreme Court to rule on the challenge. In addition, the law also forbids de novo trials for petition challenges, bringing the law in line with a 1998 State Supreme Court ruling.[1][2]

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