Maine Fish Hatcheries Water, Dams and Transportation Improvements, Question 1 (June 2008)

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The Maine Natural Resource Bond Issue was on the June 10, 2008 statewide primary ballot in Maine. The question on the ballot was "Do you favor a $29,725,000 bond issue for natural resource, agricultural and transportation infrastructure that will leverage $29,780,000 in other funds?"

Election results

Question 1 (June 2008)
Approveda Yes 101,171 58.48%

Election Results via: Maine Secretary of State

Specific provisions

Excerpts from the Secretary Of State's ballot submission:

Sec. G-10. Referendum for ratification; submission at election; form of question; effective date. This Part must be submitted to the legal voters of the State at a statewide election held in the month of June 2008. The municipal officers of this State shall notify the inhabitants of their respective cities, towns and plantations to meet, in the manner prescribed by law for holding a statewide election, to vote on the acceptance or rejection of this Part by voting on the following question:
  • “Do you favor a $29,725,000 bond issue for natural resource, agricultural and transportation infrastructure that will leverage $29,780,000 in other funds?”
The legal voters of each city, town and plantation shall vote by ballot on this question and designate their choice by a cross or check mark placed within a corresponding square below the word “Yes” or “No.” The ballots must be received, sorted, counted and declared in open ward, town and plantation meetings and returns made to the Secretary of State in the same manner as votes for members of the Legislature. The Governor shall review the returns. If a majority of the legal votes are cast in favor of this Part, the Governor shall proclaim the result without delay and this Part becomes effective 30 days after the date of the proclamation.
An Act to Authorize Bond Issues for Ratification by the Voters for the June and November 2007 Elections and the June 2008 Election and To Transfer Certain Funds


  • Sec. G-1. Authorization of bonds. The Treasurer of State is authorized, under the direction of the Governor, to issue bonds in the name and on behalf of the State in an amount not exceeding $29,725,000 for the purposes described in section 6 of this Part. The bonds are a pledge of the full faith and credit of the State. The bonds may not run for a period longer than 10 years from the date of the original issue of the bonds. At the discretion of the Treasurer of State, with the approval of the Governor, any issuance of bonds may contain a call feature.
  • Sec. G-7. Contingent upon ratification of bond issue. Sections 1 to 6 do not become effective unless the people of the State ratify the issuance of the bonds as set forth in this Part.

If approved, the bond authorization would take effect 30 days after the Governor's proclamation of the vote. A statement of the Treasurer describing the financial considerations of this bond issue is published together with this statement.

  • A “YES” vote approves authorization of a $29,725,000 bond issue to finance all of the above activities.
  • A “NO” vote disapproves the bond issue in its entirety.
  • Sec. G-6. Allocations from General Fund bond issue. The proceeds of the sale of the bonds authorized under this Part must be expended as designated in the following schedule.


DEPARTMENT OF INLAND FISHERIES AND WILDLIFE Dam repair Provides funds for major rehabilitation of dams. $300,000

Hatchery rehabilitation Provides funds for upgrades to fish hatcheries to meet water quality requirements. $2,000,000


DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Small community grants Provides funds to fund the small community grant program, which provides grants to rural communities to address specific water pollution problems. $1,000,000

Uncontrolled hazardous waste Provides funds to investigate and clean up uncontrolled hazardous substance contamination at sites posing unacceptable threats to public health and water quality. $2,000,000

Municipal landfills Provides funds to identify and address pollution problems at closed landfills under a statutory mandate to monitor and inspect closed municipal facilities. Bonds will repay municipalities that conducted remedial actions such as waterline extensions or landfill gas collection to protect nearby residential property. $800,000

Industrial landfills Provides funds to address public health and environmental threats by preventing pollution from abandoned landfills left behind by corporations that went bankrupt. $300,000

Air quality monitoring Provides funds to replace aging or obsolete equipment used to monitor air quality for public health concerns. The State can no longer rely on federal funding to support this effort. $300,000


DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Highway and Bridge Improvements $10,000,000

Ferry and Port Improvements $500,000

Airports $200,000

Transit and Bus Improvements $1,000,000

Pedestrian and Bicycle Trails $950,000

Passenger and Freight Rail Improvements $9,675,000

Provides funds for reconstruction of a bulkhead and wharf at the former United States Coast Guard facility in Portland. $700,000

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