Maine Direct Democracy on Nuclear Waste Disposal and Storage, Low Level Radioactive Waste Siting Issue 1 (1985)

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The Maine Yankee in Wiscasset, Maine. Closed in 1996

The Maine Referenda on Nuclear Waste Act, appearing on the ballot as Measure A, was a citizen-initiated measure on the November 5, 1985 ballot in Maine, where it was approved. The act required that any plan to dump low-level radioactive waste in the state would have to be subjected to a statewide vote of the public before going forward.

A competing measure, Measure B, was on the same ballot and failed.

Measure A said, ""Do You Want the Right to Vote for or Against Any Plan for the Storage or Disposal of Low-level Radioactive Waste?"

Measure B said, "Do You Want to Vote on any Maine Site for Disposal of Low-level Radioactve Waste if it is not Disposed of safely Outside of Maine or at the Maine Yankee Site?"

Votes for A: 86,678 Votes for B: 45,920 Votes against both: 39,893



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