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September 28, 2009

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AUGUSTA, Maine: Supporters and opponents of the Maine Same-Sex Marriage People's Veto, also known as Question 1, released television ads. However, controversy arose after Stand for Marriage Maine, supporters of Question 1, released their first ad on September 15. Questions arose regarding two claims in the ad: the legal ramifications and the changes on education if the law is allowed to stand.[1]

  • In regards to lawsuits, the ad states: "Legal experts predict a flood of lawsuits against individuals, small businesses and religious groups." Veto opponents argue that the claim is "overstated" and has not been in the case in other states. However, Stand for Marriage said,"There is no reason to believe that it won't happen, there is every probability that it will happen."[1]
  • In regards to education, the ad states: "Homosexual marriage taught in public schools whether parents like it. Vote yes on question one." Opponents call the statement "inflammatory" and "misleading." The Department of Education reports that curriculum language about marriage does not and would not exist. Education plans about family life are created by individual schools districts. According to Stand for Marriage the statements is not meant to be taken literally.[1]

Stand for Marriage Maine TV ads can be viewed here.
Protect Maine Equality TV ads can be viewed here.

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