Maine petition drive deadline for 2013 ballot initiatives sees no action

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January 25, 2013

By Al Ortiz

AUGUSTA, Maine: The Maine petition drive deadline for ballot initiatives arrived for proponents this week. On January 24, organizers of initiative efforts needed to turn in their signatures to the Maine Secretary of State's office in order for their proposals to be considered for legislative enactment or ballot placement.

However, when contacted by Ballotpedia, the Maine Secretary of State's office stated that no initiative efforts turned in signatures by the deadline.


Supporters needed to turn in at least 57,277 valid signatures in order for their proposed measure to be sent to the Maine Legislature. In Maine, if the legislature does not choose to enact a measure, it is then sent to the 2013 ballot.

The following were the initiatives that qualified for circulation:

  • Electronic Beano Question - The measure would have allowed for the operation of high-stakes beano in the state. The high-stakes beano would have been conducted by two Indian tribes.
  • Minimum Sentence for Sex Offender Question - Sponsored by Stavros J. Mendros, the measure would have created mandatory minimum sentences for persons convicted of sex offenses against victims that were under 12-years-old.

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