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| [[Tommy Thompson (Wisconsin)|Tommy Thompson]] ||align="center"|{{reddot}}||align="center"|WI||Senate||$4,682,491||$0||$4,682,491||[[Image:Yes.png|center]]
| [[Tommy Thompson (Wisconsin)|Tommy Thompson]] ||align="center"|{{reddot}}||align="center"|WI||Senate||$4,682,491||$0||$4,682,491||[[Image:Yes.png|center]]
| [[Richard Murdoch]] ||align="center"|{{reddot}}||align="center"|IN||Senate||$4,274,805||$0||$4,274,805||[[Image:Yes.png|center]]
| [[Richard Mourdoch]] ||align="center"|{{reddot}}||align="center"|IN||Senate||$4,274,805||$0||$4,274,805||[[Image:Yes.png|center]]
| [[Rick Berg]] ||align="center"|{{reddot}}||align="center"|ND||Senate||$3,252,808||$0||$3,252,808||[[Image:Yes.png|center]]
| [[Rick Berg]] ||align="center"|{{reddot}}||align="center"|ND||Senate||$3,252,808||$0||$3,252,808||[[Image:Yes.png|center]]

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Majority PAC
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Majority PAC is a Super PAC. It was launched in 2011[1] and its goal is to maintain a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate and prevent a "radical Tea Party take-over."[2] The PAC is focused on 2012, in which 23 Democratic Senate seats are up for election, compared to 10 Republican seats.[3]


Majority PAC was created in 2011 by Democratic strategists, including advisers to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in order to combat the conservative PACs.[1]

According to Politico[1]:

The operation is in seasoned hands. Longtime Reid strategist Rebecca Lambe and Reid’s former chief of staff, Susan McCue, are leading the charge — along with Craig Varoga, who runs the Patriot Majority. Two other veteran political operatives who once led the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — J.B. Poersch and Jim Jordan — are also spearheading the effort, as are veteran Democratic fundraiser Monica Dixon and longtime Democratic attorney Marc Elias.

2014 elections

No independent expenditures have been made for or against candidates in the 2014 election cycle as of July 15, 2013.[4]

2012 elections

According to the Sunlight Foundation, the Majority PAC spent $37,477,541 on the 2012 elections. Of those funds, 87.86 percent achieved the desired result, based on Sunlight Foundation analysis.[5] Open Secrets also analyzed the success of 2012 general election cycle spending:[6]

The success rate of Majority PAC's 2012 spending.


In October, Majority PAC reports raising $10.4 million in September and an additional $9.7 million through the middle of October.[7]


As of April 11, 2013, Majority PAC had spent a total of $37,498,257, $3,651,229 for Democrats and $33,847,028 against Republicans.[8]

Top 10 largest Majority PAC expenditures in 2012[8]
Candidate Party State Office Total For Against Desired Result
George Allen Republican Party VA Senate $5,048,835 $0 $5,048,835
Tommy Thompson Republican Party WI Senate $4,682,491 $0 $4,682,491
Richard Mourdoch Republican Party IN Senate $4,274,805 $0 $4,274,805
Rick Berg Republican Party ND Senate $3,252,808 $0 $3,252,808
Josh Mandel Republican Party OH Senate $3,228,003 $0 $3,228,003
Denny Rehberg Republican Party MT Senate $2,996,159 $0 $2,996,159
Linda McMahon Republican Party CT Senate $2,535,957 $0 $2,535,957
Jeff Flake Republican Party AZ Senate $2,065,097 $0 $2,065,097
Todd Akin Republican Party MO Senate $1,713,536 $0 $1,713,536
Dean Heller Republican Party NV Senate $1,147,384 $0 $1,147,384


Majority PAC spent $32,500 against Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana,[8] who was defeated in the Republican primary on May 8.[9]



As of April 21, 2012, the top 5 donors to the Majority PAC were[10]:

Top 5 Donors to FreedomWorks for America, 2012[10]
Occupation/Employer Total From Individuals From Organizations
Euclidean Capital $1,500,000 $1,500,000 $0
BLS Investments $300,000 $300,000 $0
Service Employees International Union $250,000 $0 $250,000
Shangri-La Entertainment $250,000 $250,000 $0
American Assn for Justice $200,000 $0 $200,000


As of April 21, 2012, the top 5 industries donating to the Majority PAC were[11]:

Top 5 Donors to FreedomWorks for America, 2012[11]
Industry Total From Individuals From Organizations
Misc Finance $1,600,000 $1,500,000 $100,000
Lawyers/Law Firms $460,000 $185,000 $275,000
Retired $300,750 $300,750 $0
Telecom Services & Equipment $300,000 $300,000 $0
TV/Movies/Music $280,000 $280,000 $0

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