March 5, 2013 election in California

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March 12
November 6, 2012
March 5 was the first date in 2013 when local ballot measure elections took place in California.


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Approveda Measure A: Piedmont Unified School District parcel tax

Los Angeles

See also: Los Angeles County ballot measures

Ballot measures

Approveda Measure BUSD-S: Burbank Unified School District bond proposition
Defeatedd Measure M: City of Carson Mayoral Selection
Approveda Measure C: City of West Hollywood Term Limits
Approveda Measure LHH-A: City of La Habra Heights Appropriations Limit
Defeatedd Proposition A: City of Los Angeles Sales Tax Increase
Approveda Proposition B: City of Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Plan
Approveda Measure LHH-B: City of La Habra Heights Oil and Gas Taxes
Approveda Measure MP-DD: City of Monterey Park Utility Users Tax
Approveda Measure MP-EE: City of Monterey Park Term Limits
Defeatedd Measure RH-A: City of Rolling Hills Stable Zoning Ordinance
Tied Measure RH-B: City of Rolling Hills "Protected View" Preservation Rules
Defeatedd Measure A: Redondo Beach Initiative to Retire the AES Power Plant
Approveda Measure SD-A: City of San Dimas Hotel Tax Increase

Mayoral elections

School boards


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Approveda Measure C: City of Calistoga Enchanted Resorts Project Referendum

San Bernardino

See also: San Bernardino County ballot measures

Approveda Measure W: City of Rialto Utility User Tax Extension