Martin Public Schools bond election, 2008

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A Martin Public Schools bond election was on the August 5, 2008 ballot
in the Martin Public school district, located in Allegan County in Michigan, where it was defeated.

The election was scheduled by a vote of the district's school board.

The ballot question before voters was a request for a 2.1 mil increase in the school bond levy, which will generate about $16 million of additional tax revenue to the district. If the request is approved, it will bring the district's total assessment to 7 mils; if it fails, the district's millage "may go to 4.9 mils." A 2.1 mil increase equates to a $210 increase in property taxes for each $100,000 of taxable value.

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What the money will be used for

Campaign material prepared by the school district says that the money will be used for:

  • A new gymnasium and a new fine arts performance center;
  • Purchasing land for baseball and/or softball fields;
  • Demolishing the K-3 elementary wing and re-building
  • Replacement of the school bus fleet;
  • Replacing the main parking lot at the high school;
  • Upgrading technology infrastructure;
  • Replacing student and teacher computer work stations.

Text of measure

The text that was on the ballot says, "Shall Martin Public Schools, Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan, borrow the sum of not to exceed Fifteen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Thousand Dollars ($15,990,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds thereforee, for the purpose of erecting, furnishing and equipping additions to, and partially remodeling, furnishing and refurnishing and equipping and re-equipping school facilities; acquiring, installing and equipping technology for school facilities; constructing, equipping, developing and improving athletic fields and facilities, play fields and playgrounds, acquiring school buses; and acquiring, developing and improving sites?"

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