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Mary Wilmot
Candidate for
New York State Senate, District 33

Political party Democratic
Website Campaign Site
Mary Wilmot was a Democratic candidate for District 55 of the New York State Senate. The primary election was on September 14, 2010, and the general election was on November 2.



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Wilmot ran unopposed in the September 14 Democratic primary. Wilmot was defeated by incumbent James Alesi (R) in the general election on November 2.[1]


Campaign themes

Wilmot's campaign website details several main issues:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: "Specifically, I am a "fiscal conservative;" I believe excess spending in too many layers of government has substantially contributed to our State's economic woes. We need to trim spending and eliminate overlapping and excess State and local government spending. There are many ways to accomplish this."

Mary Wilmot for State Senate[2]
  • Property Tax Reform: "A watchdog for the foregoing would be enacting a State real property tax limit. I support Andrew Cuomo's proposed 2 1/2% real property tax limit. I have signed Andrew Cuomo’s Campaign Pledge. I believe this constraint would help rein in what has become an unsustainable level of spending in our school districts."
  • Unfunded Mandates: "I believe that the State must cease imposing unfunded mandates on all forms of local governments. This must be implemented in conjunction with the real property tax cap. While some mandates are socially responsible and alternate funding must be provided, many mandates are reporting and bureaucratic in nature and can be eliminated without alternative funding sooner rather than later."
  • Campaign Reform: "I believe in campaign reform. I think campaign spending now exceeds rational limits and money spent should not dictate the candidate elected. Contribution limits should be lower and “soft money” should be clearly restricted. It will level the playing field between candidates and perhaps the focus will illuminate the philosophical differences between the candidates and election results will reflect the voters’ choice, not simply the fund raising prowess of the winner."
  • Term Limits: "I support Andrew Cuomo’s call for a Constitutional Convention and I believe a limitation on the number of terms in office and the length of terms for State elected officials should be a priority item for discussion."
  • Freedom of Choice: "I believe in a woman’s right to choose. It should be an informed choice under a doctor’s care and advice and should not be limited by the extent of the woman’s financial resources."
  • Marriage Equality: "I believe in marriage equality. Committed couples of the same gender should enjoy the same rights, privileges and responsibilities under our laws as other married couples."
  • Environment: "I believe in clean, renewable energy. I believe we should promote job opportunities in the manufacturing of solar panels and wind turbines in our District and I believe we should take a hard look at any municipality’s attempt to preclude development of wind farms by local planning or zoning constraints. "
  • Schools: "I favor development of Charter Schools in our State. They have a demonstrated success rate as college prep schools and I favor any program or endeavor that promotes the well being of our children. I am sensitive to the concerns that Charter Schools will “empty out” the best of the City School District students. We need to be sure that all City School District children have the same opportunities."


  • BA, St. John Fisher College, 1986
  • MA, Education, Nazareth Colllege, 2004[3]


Campaign Address

Mary Wilmot NYS Senate 2010

3349 Monroe Avenue, Suite 253

Rochester, NY 14618-5513

Campaign Phone

(585) 340-6901

Campaign email

To email the campaign use the web form here.

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