Maryland 2000 ballot measures

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This table shows all referenda that made the ballot in Maryland for 2000. In the tables below, "CR" for a citizen referendum, and "LR" for a legislative referral.

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Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Status
2000 LR Question 1 Elections & Redistricting Excepts the Board of County Commissioners of Cecil County from the constitutional requirements that all State and county elections be held only in every fourth year on a particular date and that all State and county officers hold four-year terms, in order to allow staggered terms with elections held every second year. Passed
Yes: 69.0%
No: 31.0%
2000 LR Question 2 Commerce & Economic Devel Expressly authorizes the Prince George's County Council to take property immediately upon a finding of immediate need for redevelopment purposes. Failed
Yes: 38.0%
No: 62.0%