Maryland Records Management Division

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Records Management Division of the Department of General Services
Leadership: Department head
Founded by: Maryland Public Information Act
Website: Maryland Records Management Division Homepage
Develop and enforce records retention and destruction schedules.

The Maryland Records Management Division was established by the Maryland Public Information Act in order to better assist the state in determining what records should be preserved for historical interest and what records should be destroyed. While they do not hold hearings or decided cases about open records violations, they do possess a considerable amount of historical power, shaping what records are preserved by the state and permitting the destruction of current records.


  • inspect and review the quantity and quality of records produced by state agencies[1]
  • Work alongside the State Archivist to determine records retention and disposal schedules.[2]
  • Every 5 years, develop a report on the quantity and character of records preserved by the state archivist from each state department.[1]

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